Drum Lessons in Singapore
Have you always been fascinated by the sound of the beat of drums and always wanted to learn how to drum? Alternatively, have you always dreamt of playing the drums in a rock band? Or has your child been asking you for drum lessons for a while? There are substantial benefits to learning to play the drums, among them as follow:

Firstly, drumming helps the student improve academically as this helps in improving concentration levels. It is proven that this activity uses both the linear region (rational left brain) and the creative region (intuitive right brain). Studies have shown that drumming improves one's IQ. Secondly, the action of drumming improves the student's hand coordination and kinesthetic control. Thirdly, hand drumming requires physical strength. So whether the student practices at home or at a drum school, constant practice improves the stamina of students. Fourthly, playing the drums relieves stress. It boosts one's immune system and improves one's health. This activity also helps hyperactive kids focus.


Stradivari Strings' drum lessons in Singapore are conducted one student to one teacher so the student gets to learn at their own pace. Our teachers are able to customize the lesson plan based on the student's playing ability and interest level. As a drum school in Singapore, we hand select the best teachers who are dedicated and have the passion to impart the skills of drumming to students young and young and heart.

Drum Lessons For Kids

Children are instinctive when it comes to drumming, it is spontaneous and natural as the sound of the drum mirrors that of the mother's heartbeat when the foetus is in the womb. It is not wonder then that majority of young children are attracted to learn to play the drum.

Our drum lessons for kids exposes drumming to students at an early age, typically from the age of 6. The course syllabus is fun driven, students are guided on the basic counting rhythm, beat counting, and basic drum beats are covered.

Exposed to these, our students develop excellent coordination skills. This will aid them to develop more complicated drumming techniques later.

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