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If you opt to take private guitar classes in Singapore, you will be able to accelerate you speed of learning and ultimately achieve your goal of mastering the guitar faster. Our guitar teachers at Stradivari Strings can coach you effectively so you play on the guitar using a variety of techniques, across different music genres.

The guitar is a 6 stringed music instrument, constructed from wood and strung with either nylon or steel strings. The classical guitar is strung with a combination of nylon and steel strings, while the acoustic guitar is strung with steel strings. Different playing styles are required for the classical and the acoustic guitar. The classical guitar requires the player to pluck the strings in a seated position, and it is used to play a variety of music styles including classical music. The acoustic guitar is used in many genres of music including pop, jazz, blues, folk and country.

Both the classical and acoustic guitar comes in fractional sizes so that younger aspiring guitarists can learn the instrument as well.

The electric guitar uses an amplifier which can electronically manipulate the tone of the instrument.

Our guitar lesson in Singapore plan is structured so that you are taught the correct playing techniques, while giving you the choice to select the playing style which you wish to master. The initial focus will be to learn the proper posture for guitar playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including different styles of strumming and plucking patterns are taught.

We offer the following guitar classes in Singapore: acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons in Singapore can be conducted at our school (located at Sultan Plaza) or at your home. We are located at Sultan Plaza, which is within a short walking distance to Lavender MRT station and Nicoll Highway MRT station.

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