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The keyboard is a versatile instrument, and many students enjoy playing on it. With this music instrument, students can learn to play pop songs, classical music, funky songs and so forth. As such it is more popular nowadays.

Stradivari Strings' keyboard lessons in Singapore are designed for a wide age group, from kids to youths and adults. Our course syllabus takes students through basic techniques, intermediate playing styles and advanced improvisation course. The basic course teaches students basic fingering techniques, rudimentary music theory and basic chord formations. The intermediate course covers more fingering techniques, chord improvisation, chord progression, and student will be taught how to form new melody for songs. Finally, the advance course focus on the dynamics, transposition, modulation and ear training.

Our keyboard teachers will guide you through your musical journey in learning to play the instrument, whether you are a total beginner with no music background at all, or a more advanced level player with experience in playing.

Lessons are conducted one student to one teacher, so as to accelerate your learning progress. Group lessons can be formed if you sign up with family or acquaintances.

Keyboard lessons can be conducted at our school or at your home. We are located at Sultan Plaza, which is within a short walking distance to Lavender MRT station and Nicoll Highway MRT station.

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