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Most students think that learning music theory is often very dry and boring, and many go though the routine of lessons just for the sake of passing theory grade 5 examinations as this is the minimum requirement for one to progress beyond grade 5 practical examinations under the ABRSM programme. This is the wrong approach towards learning, as learning should not be a means to an end, rather it should be an end to itself.

The other misconception about learning music theory is that it reduces one's ability to enjoy music. This is not true, as one will enjoy music more with the understanding of theory as one gets to know how music is constructed.

In actual fact, understanding theory is important in one's journey towards playing a music instrument well. This skill gives one the knowledge of how all the different notes and rhythm are combined in a music composition. Secondly, music theory lessons enable one to critically evaluate and listen to music. With an understanding of this, one can communicate music ideas and discuss music in different ways. Thirdly, getting proficient in theory helps one to sight read better. Reason being if you can see well and understand musically, you can translate that to practical playing off the cuff. Ultimately if one can sight read well, this helps in improving self confidence. This self confidence will help anyone through any challenge in life. Finally, with an in depth understanding of theory, one can be a better musician and performer. Reason being it takes less mental effort to understand and read music with a solid theory background.

As such, every musician needs to know the basics of music theory. In order to get in-depth knowledge of this and to maximize your learning experience, it is highly recommended to take lessons.

Stradivari Strings offers music theory lessons to prepare students for the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) grades 1 to 8. Our theory lessons cover the following important concepts:

1) Fundamentals of music including intervals, scales, keys and chords
2) Notation knowledge including signs and terminology
3) Hands on constructing of rhythmic patterns, and completing melodic and harmonic structure

Theory lessons can be conducted for individuals (one teacher to one student) or in small groups. The advantage for taking individual one to one lessons, is that our teacher can gear the pace and content of the lessons based on your experience and age level. The progress of the lesson can be accelerated if the student learns the concepts fast. The student may take a longer time to understand more difficult concepts and in a one to one class, the teacher can address this clearly.

Our group theory classes are kept small so that each student gets sufficient attention and guidance from our teacher.

In addition, we have an intensive music theory programme which covers the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) grade 1 to grade 5 in a short time frame, to prepare students for the ABRSM grade 5 theory examinations. This programme fast tracks students through various theory concepts in a short span of time.

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