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As with any other music instrument, it is important to select a piano teacher who is able to inspire interest in the student. The teacher also needs to be able to impart important piano playing techniques to the student in an easy to understand manner. This is essential in building up the foundation of the student. Once this foundation is solid, the progression to intermediate and advanced level piano playing will be smooth. It is also important that the teacher be able to cover areas such as appreciation of different genres of music as well as different styles of piano playing.

The advantages of learning to play the piano is that it builds self discipline in the student. Piano players often have good memory and high concentration levels. Intermediate and advanced level players develop self confidence and a sense of achievement.

The most convenient way to look for a suitable teacher is via a piano school. Stradivari Strings pride ourselves as one of the premier piano schools in Singapore with a committed and dedicated team of teachers.

Our piano teachers in Singapore are able to provide solid foundation for our students. All of our teachers have certification whether it be from the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity. Whether you wish to learn the piano as a leisure player, or wish to track your progress via the examination programme, our teachers are able to tailor the lesson plan based on your requirements. Throughout your musical journey, our teachers will constantly communicate with you to get feedback and adjust the lesson plan accordingly.

Piano lessons focus on the following: good hand posture and finger strength, good tone colour and shaping of phrases. We also focus on guiding our students to understand the music and express the mood of the piece.

Piano for Beginners

Wondering how to learn piano for beginners? Our comprehensive lesson plan covers the following:

- proper posture,
- proper hand posture,
- piano chord progressions,
- finger exercises emphasizing speed,
- aural training or ear training,
- counting notes which include whole notes, half notes, quarter notes.
- learning to play simple songs

Advanced Piano Lessons

Advanced piano lessons cover the following:

- advanced piano chords
- music theory
- improvisation
- piano technique

The basic building block of all songs are chords. Chords are formed when 2 or more notes are played together. Various chord formations are taught, including major and minor chords, three primary chords and so on.

Improvisation is an advanced playing skill whereby one can make music as one is playing it. To be able to do this, students need to understand advanced chord formations including chord inversions, double chord pattern, broken chord pattern and arpeggio chord pattern.

Piano techniques enable the player to perform effectively. To improve on techniques, students will go through various finger exercises to strengthen the fingers and to improve on the flexibility of fingers.

Piano lessons in Singapore can be conducted at our school or at your home. We are located at Sultan Plaza, which is within a short walking distance to Lavender MRT station and Nicoll Highway MRT station.

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