If it is your first time selecting a violin or a cello, deciding on which instrument to buy can be overwhelming due to the varied range and quality available. Even accomplished players looking to upgrade their violin or cello require professional advice before deciding on the instrument of their choice.

Stradivari Strings is the violin shop and cello shop to go to in Singapore, if you are looking for exceptional service in selecting your music instrument. We take the effort and time to evaluate what our customers need, before recommending a selection of music instruments.

If you are a new student looking for your first violin or cello, factors which we look at will be whether you have music background, and how motivated you are in learning the instrument. We highly recommend that new students get a music instrument which suits you at least a few years in the future, as you will improve musically having acquired higher level playing techniques over time.

If you are looking to buy a violin or cello which is advanced level or investment grade level, Stradivari Strings has a wide selection available from well known master makers around the world. Customers who are looking to buy a violin from an up-and-coming maker or looking for an antique violin from a well known maker, do appreciate the wide selection available at Stradivari Strings.

Stradivari Strings source our music instruments from all over the world. We take pride in hand selecting string instruments including violin, cello, viola, violin bows, cello bows and viola bows. Each instrument is properly set up to ensure that they are in tip top playing condition. So whether you are looking to buy violin or cello, do check out our selection in store.

As an established violin shop and cello shop, Stradivari Strings has a wide collection of violin bows, viola bows and cello bows. We hand select our violin and cello bows based on a strict criteria of balance, weight and durability. String instrument players are aware that different bows produce distinct tonal quality difference on the same instrument. A better quality hand-made bow crafted from top end pernumbuco wood does help the player tremendously compared to a rudimentary machine made bow. As such, we also provide bow matching service. So whether you require a bow which produces the best tonal quality with your existing violin or cello, or if you are a novice to the world of stringed instruments, do contact Stradivari Strings for assistance.

customer testimonials
When you shop at Stradivari Strings for your music instrument, you will be awed by the personalized service and attention to detail given. We pride ourselves in being experts in music instruments and our unparalleled customer service will assist you in making an informed decision in selecting your music instrument.
  • Stradivari Strings is very friendly and knowledgeable about music instruments. During my violin selection session with Stradivari Strings, I was given a lot of information to make an informed choice on the violin I would eventually select, I was given a lot of time to decide on my violin and violin bow. They were not pushy at all. I am extremely happy with the Peter Racz violin I eventually selected at Stradivari Strings.

    ~ William
  • I purchased a violin from Stradivari Strings and I must say that Kim is certainly very knowledgeable in her products as well as making the best recommendation for my circumstances.

    ~ Jeremiah Xavier
  • Stradivari Strings provided a lot of information and great advice to me, during the violin selection process. I spent a lot of time trying out violin and bows and eventually selected one that suits me. Stradivari Strings also recommended an amazing violin teacher to me. I highly recommend Stradivari Strings!

    ~ Miss Yap
  • Our son Jay has been asking us to get a violin for him for a long time. We contacted Stradivari Strings and were very impressed with the knowledge and service provided.

    ~ Ng Boon Ching
  • My experience with Stradivari Strings in selecting my violin was awesome. The owner gave me a lot of information in order for me to make an informed decision in selecting my violin.
    ~ Bao
  • My son loves the cello that we bought from Stradivari Strings. He refuses to practice on his previous cello, but spend hours playing on his new cello. I am so grateful that we found Stradivari Strings! Thanks!
    ~ Mrs Wong
  • It is my dream to be able to play the violin. Stradivari Strings spent two hours with me giving me detailed and solid advice on how to select a violin. I bought a good quality European violin from Stradivari Strings and I am very satisfied with it.
    ~ Shannon Kong
  • The streamlined and personalized service I received from Stradivari Strings made my initial experience with the violin wonderful. Now, playing the violin has become my passion
    ~ Leonard Marion Provido
  • Stradivari Strings is very detailed and professional during my violin selection process. They have a wide range of violins suited for the beginner all the way to the advanced player.
    ~ Isaac Leong
  • I am impressed by the great selection of string instruments at Stradivari Strings. My 6 year old daughter loves the cello you helped us select at Stradivari Strings. When my son progresses to intermediate or advanced level in violin, I will definitely upgrade his violin to one from Stradivari Strings.
    ~ Mr Tan, father of 6 year old cellist and 10 year old violinist
  • I found a reasonably priced saxophone at Stradivari Strings and enjoy playing on it. Thanks to Stradivari Strings for patiently explaining to me the various saxophone options available
    ~ Valerie Teo
  • My daughter Faith did not have confidence performing on the violin in her school. I contacted Stradivari Strings and they put me in touch with one of their experienced violin teachers. Faith took a crash course of 4 lessons over 10 days and regained her confidence level. The performance in school was a success. Thanks, Stradivari Strings!
    ~ Virginia, mother of 7 year old daughter
  • It was very fun and interesting to compare various cellos in the shop. All instruments have different characteristics. I love my cello from the beginning, and am grateful for Stradivari Strings to let me meet the instrument.
    ~ Kanako Honma
  • I bought my violin from Stradivari Strings. They have extremely in depth knowledge on violin and violin bows, and were very patient with my questions. I am glad I selected my violin from Stradivari Strings.

    ~ Bonnie
  • I really enjoyed myself during my violin selection session with Stradivari Strings. Rita was very patient and guided me to try a wide range of violin. She educated me a lot of in terms of product knowledge about the violin and the violin bow, and explained to me how to pick a good violin. I spent eight hours over 2 days at Stradivari Strings and selected the violin and violin bow which I will own for life.
    ~ Alyss
  • Stradivari Strings has a wide variety of hand crafted music instruments to choose from. The selection process for my cello is well thought out and clear. My parents and I had an easy time picking a cello which is reasonably priced. Kim at Stradivari Strings has been very helpful.
    ~ Elizabeth Yeo