It is important to start off with a good quality flute that produces the best tonal quality. A good quality flute will help you to improve your flute playing skills drastically.We source worldwide for the best selection of flutes for sale.

Our flutes are hand crafted and go through stringent quality control before we put them on sale. Whether you are looking for a silver or nickel plated Western Flute, or hand crafted quality bamboo flute (Dizi), we have the selection for you.

Aside from helping you select your flute, we also have a wide range of flute accessories which are necessary in maintaining your flute. We are your one stop shop before you start your flute lessons.

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When you shop at Stradivari Strings for your music instrument, you will be awed by the personalized service and attention to
detail given. We pride ourselves in being experts in music instruments and our unparalleled customer service will assist you
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