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If you have always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument that is easy to master, go for the ukulele in Singapore. It is small, portable and fun!

The ukulele belongs to the guitar family of instruments. It has four strings, as opposed to a guitar, which has 6 strings. The instrument uses nylon strings, which are sturdy and easier on the fingers as compared to steel strings. The tone and volume of the ukulele depends on its size and shape. Ukulele comes in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The soprano and concert sizes are the more popular sizes when one starts to learn the ukulele.

Its smaller body size in relation to a full sized guitar is also the reason why a lot of young musicians start off learning the ukulele in Singapore. Our youngest student is aged 3, but of course we have many adult students who master the ukulele in a relatively shorter time frame compared to other music instruments.

Ukulele classes are structured so our students initially learn the proper posture for ukulele playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including strumming and plucking. Our teacher then coaches students how to play the instrument as an accompaniment to popular songs.

If you know how to play simple chords on the ukulele, join our intermediate ukulele classes to improve on your skills to advanced level.

You can also consider rounding a couple of friends, work colleagues or family members to start group ukulele lessons with our ukulele teachers. Learning the ukulele as a group is fun as you can practice and jam as a group to improve your ukulele playing skills.

Ukulele lessons in Singapore can be conducted at our school (located at Sultan Plaza) or at your home. Alternatively, we can organize ukulele lessons at your work place for group classes.

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