Stradivari Strings offers rental service for music instruments including:

  • Violin – 4/4 size for student looking to start adult violin lessons, 1/16 to ¾ size for violin lessons for kids
  • Cello (all sizes)
  • Viola
  • Bows (Violin, Viola, Cello)
  • Flute
  • Saxophone

The range available for bowed strings instruments range from starter to advance level. All music instruments are perfectly set up and ready for your practice.

Both long term and short term rental options are available.

In certain situations, rental could be an option. These include:

  • Adult students with no music background, and wish to start adult violin lessons or cello lessons for adults. Their interest level in wanting to start violin lessons for adults is quite high but they are not too confident that they will be able to pick up the necessary skills taught during adult violin lessons.
  • Young children whose parents want, to put them through violin lessons for kids. The child may not have any music background and has not expressed a desire to start violin lessons for kids. Here, it is prudent to plan 4 to 8 violin lessons for kids and monitor the child’s interest level and progress.
  • Young children who want to learn to play the violin or cello, however the parents are worried about starting them on violin lessons for kids. The parents themselves may even consider starting adult violin lessons but have no confidence.
  • Students living abroad who come to Singapore for summer holidays, looking to start adult violin lessons or violin lessons for kids. In this case, travelling with your personal violin or cello may not be logistically possible. Hence rental is the option so that you can start adult violin lessons or violin lessons for kids.
  • Musicians who travel to Singapore who find it inconvenient to bring their violin or cello. These musicians are not taking adult violin lessons or violin lessons for kids. They require an advanced level violin or cello for performance or audition purpose.

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  • I wanted my 5 year old son to learn the violin, however I was hesitant to proceed as I was not sure that he would be ready. I voiced my concern to Stradivari Strings and Rita suggested that I rent the violin for a few months and assess the situation after. She also helped to locate a violin coach who is great with young children. My son is enjoying his lessons so I have decided to invest in a hand crafted violin for him.
    Ee Ling
  • I have no music background and wanted to learn to play the saxophone. I was hesitant to invest in a saxophone, so Stradivari Strings suggested renting the instrument for a few months to assess my interest level. I am glad I took up Rita’s advice. Now I am more confident that I can pick up the skills of saxophone playing, and have taken the step of investing in a good saxophone.
  • I am an advanced level cellist living in London and during one of my trips to Singapore, I needed an advanced level cello and bow to continue my practice. I did not want to risk transporting my beloved old cello, and thus contacted Stradivari Strings for help. Rita helped to source an adequate level cello for my needs. Thank you!
  • We come to Singapore during summer holidays to visit family annually. My children need to keep up with their violin and cello practice during this time period, and we rent the instruments from Stradivari Strings. They have fractional sizes all the way to full size violin and cello available for rent. We also managed to locate great cello and violin teachers from Stradivari Strings, to coach and practice with my children. This is excellent one-stop service from Stradivari Strings!
  • I live in Taipei and come to Singapore every other month for one week. I am glad I located Stradivari Strings — they have a good range of cello and bows available for rent. The pick-up process is easy and fuss free, saving me the trouble of transporting my personal cello.