Repair and Restoration

Music instruments including the violin, viola and cello need to be properly maintained for optimum performance. You can also enhance the tone and performance quality of your music instrument by adjusting or changing critical parts. Speak to us to explore options.

Our European trained master luthier has the necessary skills set in repair and restoration of music instruments, adept at handling contemporary as well as antique music instruments.

We offer the following services for your stringed instruments:

  • Customized Bridge Cutting
  • Soundpost Adjustment
  • Customized Soundpost Cutting
  • Tuning Pegs Replacement
  • Bow Rehair
  • Nut Or Saddle Adjustment
  • Fingerboard Realignment
  • Neck Drop Repairs
  • Crack Or Corner Repair
  • Replacement Of Strings
  • Cleaning And Polishing Of Instrument
  • Restoration

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  • My grand aunt gifted her antique French violin to me many years back. I had kept it in storage until recently, while clearing the store room I chanced upon it. It was not in playable condition. Among the issues, it had hairline cracks and, chips off the edges, warped fingerboard and missing sound post as well as bridge. Rita at Stradivari Strings assessed the violin advised that I get the violin restored to playable condition by her master luthier. After 4 months, from a condition of 2 out of 10, my violin is a 10 out of 10! This also motivated me to re start learning the violin.
  • I called Rita from Stradivari Strings to enquire about cello bow rehair and I am impressed by the details and questions she posed to better advise me on the options available. Eventually, I decided to engage the service of the master luthier and opted for premium Siberian horse hair. My bow engages my cello very well now and I can feel that my techniques have improved due to this. Thank you!
  • My son’s hand crafted violin was soaked during one torrential rainfall. On hindsight, we should have invested in an air tight and waterproof violin case. The violin bridge was total warped and had to be replaced. Stradivari Strings’ luthier did an excellent job replacing with a Milo Stamm bridge, as well as air dry the violin for a time period. I would recommend their repair and restoration service to anyone.
  • I sent two of my antique violin bows to Stradivari Strings for bow re hair. I must say that their luthier did an excellent job, using premium horse hair. The workmanship is excellent, bow hair even and taut. Now these two bows play beautifully! Highly recommended!
    Mr Fernandez
  • I live and worked in Beijing many years back and bought a cello there. Since relocating back to Singapore, I decided to re-start cello lessons and got in touch with Stradivari Strings. Rita recommended an awesome Cello coach and also advised me to bring my cello to her for assessment before lessons start. She advised that I had selected a good quality cello, however I could enhance the tone and playability of the cello by customizing a good Despiau cello bridge and also replace the sound post with one cut from premium wood. I am glad I went ahead with her recommendations. The end result is a powerful sounding cello which challenges me to improve all the time. Thanks!
  • I moved from the United States to Singapore couple years back and brought my beloved old violin along. It has not acclimatized well and I had issues with the sound post dropping numerous times. Rita from Stradivari Strings assessed the violin and advised that I go for customized soundpost cut from Italian wood. This would enhance the tone of the violin and the issue of sound post dropping will be solved. I am glad that I took her advice. My violin plays brilliantly now. I recommend any serious violin player to engage the services of Stradivari Strings luthier.