Daniel Tan

Bryan’s method encourages people to learn the guitar more independently using the methods he has suggested and offers constructive advice when he guides you in your playing. He demonstrates what he is teaching, which helps give me an idea of what the song should sound like.

Jonathan and Daryn

Our guitar teacher is very patient with us, as we had no music background prior to learning the guitar. We always look forward to having lessons with him each week.

Phyllis Gan

I look forward to each guitar lesson as I know that I will be able to learn more and improve on my guitar skills. My teacher makes lessons fun and praises me when I do well. She also gives me new challenges each time which allows me to play so much better.

Yan Rui

Joel is a patient and dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the student receives the best form of guitar education with his systematic approach of teaching, ensuring that the student gets his basics right before moving on to more advance techniques. His guitar lessons is coupled with theory lessons to allow the students to grasps the concept of playing guitar easier.


My 8 year old daughter and I have been learning guitar basics from Joel for a few months now. Joel is very patient and is able to adjust his teaching style for us given our very different needs. He comes prepared with his lesson plans and is able to teach in a dynamic manner while adjusting to our varied pace. It’s a pleasure to learn from Joel and I highly recommend him as a teacher for students of all ages and levels.


My son is lucky to learn guitar playing from Joel. He is definitely our tutor! He gives complex lessons which include both theory and practice part in a friendly and disciplined manner. This is fundamental and important for beginners. He always keep me informed of my son’s progress. His structured approach, patience, ability to identify the key to the individual kid — this is what we like him for.