Hughes is a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure that his students enjoy learning. His teaching is very musically based, with many different genres of song selected to develop one’s technique and musicality simultaneously. His witty and friendly personality makes lessons fun, and his deep knowledge and appreciation of music makes songs come alive during his lessons. Hughes is definitely one of the best music teachers around!

James Tang

My son (age 14) enrolled in the School of Young Talent Gifted Cellist program at the NAFA at the age of 7 and graduated when he was 12years old with a diploma in cello performance. I engaged teacher Linh in May 2018 to mentor and coach my son especially for competition and audition.

UnderTeacher Linh’s tutelage,my son was awarded the Platinum Award for cello performance at the 7th Singapore Performer’s Festival and Chamber Music Competition in June 2018. Teacher Linh is a talented, patient,articulate and professional cello teacher who can work with students at all levels. She goes the extra mile to send videos and material to improve her student’s performance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her again and I strongly recommend her to any parents or students who like to learn the cello.

Sarah Lim

My cello teacher is very committed and has developed a very effective teaching method. I am progressing very well. Thank you, Stradivari Strings.

Elizabeth Yeo

Teacher Eunice is a good teacher, she is able to convey the techniques clearly for beginner students like me. She is able to pace the cello lessons according to my learning ability. My cello lessons have been progressing smoothly and easily.


James is a dedicated and talented cello teacher who has enabled my son to fast track his skills and knowledge in cello. In a short span of 4 months, he auditioned and got into his dream CCA, String Orchestra playing the cello. Thanks James for all your help in gearing him up!


I started beginner cello lessons under the tutelage of teacher Jing Li. She has helped to fuel my interest. She is patient, friendly and very encouraging. To me, she is the best cello teacher anyone can have.

Kanako Honma

My cello teacher Hanlie is very professional. She teaches me not only how to practice on the cello, but also covers the meaning behind the music. It helps me a lot to enjoy playing the cello. Thanks Stradivali Strings, for finding such a great cello teacher!


Ophelia is a great cello teacher. She is very patient and gives me a lot of encouragement. She observes my technique during cello classes and gives me tips to improve. I can correct my mistakes immediately.

Hee Jeong

My cello teacher understands that learning a music instrument like the cello is not easy, and she makes it easy for a beginner like me to understand. Thanks, Stradivari Strings


Cello teacher Keyi is good. She is very patient and besides teaching, she is up to date with the latest happening in the world of cello.