June Chan

Wow! What an experience! I totally enjoyed my ukulele lessons with Stradivari Strings. Thank you!

Carol Lim

Stradivari Strings located a wonderful flute teacher for my son. She made the flute lessons interesting and lively. She engages and connects my son very well. She is passionate about her music and that actually rubs onto my son. I know my son’s interest in flute is heightened when he practices on his own without us reminding him!


As an adult beginner, I had a lot of hesitation about learning a new and difficult instrument. But my passion for the cello and the way Ryan coaches make learning how to play this beautiful instrument, and music in general, fun and rewarding. Ryan is precise, professional and patient. He can clearly point out what I am doing wrong and encourages me when my techniques are right. He does not focus only on technical aspects of cello plying but also helps me discover my musicality. It is almost a year now since I started and I am grateful to have an amazing teacher who continues to nurture and inspire.


As an adult starter, I am pleased to have Mr Yeo as my violin teacher. He is just great – very knowledgeable about music and adaptable in style and explanation. His eye for detail allows subtle correction that makes a whole world of difference to the practice. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wishes to learn the violin in a professional, yet comforting and encouraging environment.

Rosemary Horst

My twin daughters learn the violin and piano from the same teacher at Stradivari Strings. The teacher is always encouraging my girls to do their best at all times.

Joanne Ho

My saxophone teacher is very passionate and encouraging during saxophone classes, boosting my enthusiasm to become a better saxophone player. Stradivari Strings is helping to fulfil my dream of playing at my best friend’s wedding!


My son is lucky to learn guitar playing from Joel. He is definitely our tutor! He gives complex lessons which include both theory and practice part in a friendly and disciplined manner. This is fundamental and important for beginners. He always keep me informed of my son’s progress. His structured approach, patience, ability to identify the key to the individual kid — this is what we like him for.


Lessons with Tevy, my violin teacher, are the highlight of my week. He provides a well-rounded education that goes beyond mere mastery of violin technique, often supplementing lessons with interesting tips and anecdotes that reveal his experience and knowledge. His enthusiasm is infectious, his energy unceasing; every lesson is enjoyable and over too soon. Under his tutelage, my violin playing has improved swiftly and the best part is: none of it feels like work. Tevy makes it fun!