Miss Audrey taught me how to play the flute from scratch. She is very kind and patient and motivates me to play well. I really enjoy and look forward to my flute lessons each week.

Asuka Uchida

My 6 year old son and I really enjoy flute lessons with teacher Minh Trang. She makes lessons very fun for my son, to maintain his interest in flute playing. As for myself, I learnt to play the flute many years back, and needed a teacher for a refresher course. Teacher Minh Trang covered the basics with me in detail to ensure that I grasp this first before going to intermediate/ advanced level playing.

Carol Lim

Teacher Jen made the flute lessons interesting and lively. She engages and connects my son very well. She is passionate about her music and that actually rubs onto my son. I know my son’s interest in flute is heightened when he practices on his own without us reminding him!

Irene Choi

Joyce, my bamboo flute teacher, is a dedicated instructor who is always generous in imparting her own knowledge striving to bring out the best in every students. At the same time, she provides ample performance opportunities for students to gain experience.

Leow Yu Xun

Not only is Joyce a passionate bamboo flute player, she is also an enthusiastic and patient instructor who is willing to put in the extra effort to make sure that her students attain his/her fullest potential during lessons. Joyce is definitely a role model for her student to look up to.

Leslie Low

Technique is of paramount importance when it comes to playing music. I have been with teacher Joyce (bamboo flute) for 2 years. She has taught me the necessary fundamentals in the playing of the Chinese flute. Under her patient teaching and guidance, I achieved distinction in both grade 5 and 8 dizi examinations. I believe that her teaching is commendable and very suitable for students who are still grasping their basics in Chinese flute.

Yih Ann

My flute teacher Audrey is full of kindness and love . She is extremely patient as well . She inspires me to practice harder to become a better musician

David Zhou

My flute teacher is very patient and I am progressing very well under his guidance.


Teacher Paul is a very friendly and patient teacher. He encourages me to relax and learn at my own pace. I would definitely recommend my friends to Stradivari Strings for music lessons.

Meng Tong

Ms Sharon is a caring an patient teacher who do her best to teach her students to be a good flute player. In addition to teaching me the flute, she also taught me certain skills that a person should have in life.