My piano teacher is a very patient teacher. She finds many different ways to explain piano terms and techniques to make it more relatable. She also constantly suggests exercises that can improve one’s techniques.


Under the guidance of my piano teacher, I feel that I’m learning to appreciate and to like classical music more after having lessons with him. His method of teaching really suits me and it’s really fun.

Jin Er

My piano teacher is a very patient and knowledgable teacher who inspires me to play better by both his teaching skills and along with his wonderful playing.I enjoy every of his lesson and he makes me feel that music is such a wonderful thing.


I taught myself to play basic piano many years back but stopped as I found that I would not improve without a piano teacher. Stradivari Strings found a great coach for me — teacher Matthew. As an adult learner, my pace of learning is not as fast as a young child. However Matthew is always patient and explains the playing techniques patiently. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start piano lessons.

Mrs Joyce

My son is at ABRSM grade 5 level and I was looking for a senior level coach to take him up to advance level. Stradivari Strings placed him under the guidance of piano teacher Matthew. Right from the first lessons, my son got on well with him and I am happy that we have engaged him to be our permanent piano coach.

Rosemary Horst

My twin daughters learn the violin and piano from the same teacher at Stradivari Strings. The teacher is always encouraging my girls to do their best at all times.