Interview at CNA 938 radio with Mr Eugene Loh, “S...

Interview at CNA 938 radio with Mr Eugene Loh, "Singapore Stories" on 26th April 2020

What influences shaped and motivated Rita Yeo to start Stradivari Strings in 2010? Listen in to this podcast to find out more

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Stradivari Strings featured in the Sunday Times on 20th...

She runs a music school, sells antique music instruments and invests in equities, bullion, real estate and cryptocurrency.

Music has always been entrepreneur Rita Yeo’s first love, from playing the piano as a child to heading the soprano section in the choir at university, so it is no surprise that it has allowed her to hit the high notes in business as well.

Ms Yeo, 48, is founding director of Stradivari Strings, a specialist shop which deals in handcrafted violins, violas, cellos and bows sourced from all over the world.

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Stradivari Strings interview by Multiple Award winner and Business and Lifestyle blogger, Grace Tan

With more than 25 years of business experience, Rita is a strategic and hands-on entrepreneur. The spectrum of her experience ranges from strategy, negotiation, marketing, merchandising, retail, to operations.

She has a thirst for learning and is always on the look-out for uncharted, niche business opportunities. She also has an innate ability to adapt and reinvent businesses creatively to capture market share.

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Stradivari Strings radio interview at Media Corp “93.8 Now” with Mr Keith De Souza on 19th March 2019

In this radio interview, we talked about learning music as an adult. Is this possible? Why do adults want to learn a music instrument? We also have one of our adult violin students, Mr Hans Affendi, share his experience selecting his violin and bow as well as the progress he has made within 5 months.

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