Learn To Play The Flute

Designed for the absolute flute beginner, this step-by-step video tutorial covers the basic foundation in mastering the art of playing the flute.

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The flute emits a pristine and crystal clear tone quality. Many have been drawn to it.

Come and join us in this basic 1 flute lesson course. We will cover:

  • 1   Introduction to the flute
  • 2   Embouchure
  • 3   Beathing techniques.
  • 4   Long tone exercise for beginners.
  • 5   First Octave B, A, G, finger positions and exercise.
  • 6   First Octave F, E, D, finger positions and exercise.
  • 7   Second octave C, D, E, finger positions and exercise.
  • 8   Big secret of flute fingerings and how to easily memorise them.
  • 9   Slur concepts and exercises.
  • 10  Tonguing concepts and exercises
  • 12  Combination of two articulation techniques
  • 13  F major in one octave slur in 2, 4 breathing (introducing B flat fingering)
  • 14  F major in one octave different articulation 2 and 4 breathing
  • 15  G major in one octave slur in 2, 4 breathing (introducing F shart fingering)
  • 16 G major in one octave different articulation 2 and 4 breathing
  • 17  E minor scale
  • 18  E minor scale articulation
  • 19  Play a simple song

Subtitles are added to each video where applicable and music notation is also incorporated so that you can cross-reference practical to theory.

The contents of this beginner 1 course is covered over 12 lessons based on face to face coaching. Valued at US$700, this is now available at the special price of US$89

Once you have mastered the basics of this course, you can move on to our power-packed beginner 2 flute course.

If you wish to enhance your flute playing skills, contact Stradivari Strings to arrange live coaching (either face to face or online).


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  • Can I learn the flute online with lessons?

    You can start flute classes online with two options. One, hire a professional level flute teacher and arrange weekly lessons via an online coaching platform such as skype or zoom. Alternatively, you can purchase access to a flute lesson course and review the videos to learn to play the flute. Check our Stradivari Strings’ online flute classes here:

  • How much do online flute classes cost?

    Online flute lessons are cheaper than face to face lessons. Typically you can save the transport and time costs per lesson. This usually works out to be as much as 10% to 20% of the lesson cost. So if a face to face flute class costs $60 per 45 minutes, then expect to pay $45 to $50 per minute for the online version.

  • How long does it take to learn the flute online with lesson?

    Typically one can play simple songs on the flute after a few months, for more complex songs which require higher level techniques, you may need 2 to 3 years to be good. In general, the more you practice, the faster you will progress.

  • When can my child start flute lessons online?

    The starting age for flute lessons, whether online or face to face is the same. Most teachers prefer the child to be age 6 or older before starting flute classes online. Any younger and the child has not enough diaphragm capacity to play on the flute.

  • Can I learn the flute by myself without online flute classes?

    It is possible to learn to play the flute without a flute teacher, in the initial stage. However if you wish to be good at it, and not pick up bad habits on the way, you should hire a certified flute teacher to guide you.