Electric Guitar Lessons

Aspire to be a rock performer? Love to jam with your family or friends? Start electric guitar lessons with Stradivari Strings. Our exciting guitar lessons in Singapore will train you and bring out the rock star in you.

Stradivari Strings offers the following guitar classes in Singapore: acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons for beginners.

Electric Guitar Lessons

The initial focus in beginner electric guitar lessons will be to learn the proper posture for guitar playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and different styles of strumming and plucking patterns are taught during guitar lessons for beginners. Intermediate electric guitar lessons will cover the technology like amplifiers and pedals.

A common struggle for beginner electric guitar students will be to get chords, riffs and lead playing to sound right. So techniques taught in our electric guitar lessons cover string muting, string bending, vibrato and improvisation.

Our electric guitar lessons are structured so that you are taught the correct playing techniques, while giving you the choice to select the playing style which you wish to master. Our electric guitar teachers have come up with a syllabus for beginner electric guitar lessons to assist students learn basic guitar lessons and progress well in each level. From blues to rock, metal to jazz, our guitar lesson in Singapore are structured to help students learn these genres and improve.

Aside from just learning songs, our electric guitar lessons aim to improve your technical skills and theoretical of music. At the end of your course, you will be able to improvise, create your own guitar solos and personalize your style.

Guitar lessons in Singapore can be conducted at our music studio Sultan Plaza, at your home or at your guitar teacher’s place.






  • How much are electric guitar lessons in Singapore?

    Here is a guide on electric guitar lesson fee in Singapore:

    Beginner level electric guitar lessons $40 to $60 Duration 30 minutes to 45 minutes
    Intermediate level electric guitar classes $50 to $80 Duration 30 minutes to one hour
    Advance level electric guitar lessons $60 to $90 Duration 45 minutes to one hour

      For a firm quotation as well as information on the profile of the electric guitar teacher, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769.

  • Is electric guitar easy to learn during classes?

    In some ways it is easier to learn on the electric guitar as it may have lighter gauge strings as compared to the acoustic guitar which makes it easier to pick and finger the strings. The body and neck of the electric guitar is also smaller as compared to the acoustic guitar. Do note that as long as you have a strong interest in any musical instrument, you will find it easy to learn that musical instrument.

  • Can I learn to play electric guitar first, instead of starting acoustic guitar lessons?

    Sure of course you can. There is no fixed rule which states that you need to progress from acoustic guitar or classical guitar background in order to be good at electric guitar. If you like the genre of rock or metal, do proceed with electric guitar classes first.

  • How long does it take to learn the electric guitar?

    You should plan around two years for electric guitar lessons. In this time frame, you would have mastered many chord formations as well as strumming patterns to play a big selection of rock and pop songs.

  • Can I teach myself the electric guitar without lessons?

    It is possible to self learn the electric guitar without a guitar teacher, if you have some foundation in the acoustic or classical guitar. However there will be up to a point where you plateau and cannot progress much further in your playing techniques. In this case, you can contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 and we can put you in touch with one of our senior level teachers accordingly.

  • Will electric guitar work without electricity during lessons?

    Yes you can play on the electric guitar without switching on the amplifier. The sound projection will be soft though, so you may feel that there is no wow factor when you learn to play the techniques during your electric guitar classes.

  • For home lessons, should I prepare 2 sets of amplifier and the electric guitar?

    If you wish for your electric guitar coach to go to your place for lessons, you can prepare 2 sets of amplifier and electric guitar. One set for you and the other for your guitar teacher. If you wish for your teacher to bring his acoustic guitar over for lessons, that can be discussed. You may need to fund his transport accordingly if he needs to carry several guitars (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele) around to coach students throughout the whole day.