Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Whether you are a novice or someone looking to improve your skills, our guitar classes in Singapore will help to achieve your goals.

Stradivari Strings offers the following guitar classes in Singapore: acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar classes for beginners, electric guitar classes and bass guitar classes for beginners.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Our guitar classes will coach you the basic and advanced techniques of acoustic guitar playing. Your skills and potential will be expanded starting with guitar classes for beginners, and progressing to intermediate acoustic guitar lessons and advance guitar classes.

Our guitar teachers will give students option to learn music theory during acoustic guitar lessons for beginners, or learn to play the guitar using guitar tabs. We highly recommend serious students to start music theory lessons to build your music foundation. When you can understand the music theory behind the songs you play during guitar classes in Singapore, this elevates you as a musician.

Acoustic guitars lend themselves to a wide range of music, including country, rock, folk and pop music. Once you have some skills under your belt after starting acoustic guitar lessons, you can compile your personal favourite play list of popular songs and jam with friends and family.

Acoustic Guitars come in different sizes with the smallest size suitable for children age 6 who want to start beginner acoustic guitar lessons. For younger children, we recommend ukulele lessons for kids. Do contact Stradivari Strings to arrange as we have great ukulele teachers.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Beginner acoustic guitar lessons will coach you to strum, expand your knowledge in guitar chords, and finger picking patterns to help you play all genre of music.

Acoustic guitar lessons can be conducted at our music studio Sultan Plaza, at your home or at your teacher’s place.






  • How much do acoustic guitar lessons cost in Singapore?

    Here is a guide on acoustic guitar lessons fee in Singapore:

    Beginner level acoustic guitar lessons $35 to $50 Duration 30 minutes to 45 minutes
    Intermediate level acoustic guitar classes $50 to $70 Duration 30 minutes to one hour
    Advance level acoustic guitar lessons $60 to $80 Duration 45 minutes to one hour

      For a firm quotation as well as information on the profile of the acoustic guitar teacher, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769.

  • What is the youngest age to start acoustic guitar lessons?

    Ideally age 6. Children of this age start out with ¼ size guitar and gradually change to ½ size and ¾ size guitar with time. The key factor is to find an acoustic guitar teacher who loves coaching kids this age and communicate well with them during weekly acoustic guitar lessons.

  • Can you learn the acoustic guitar at any age?

    Yes of course, from age 6 to teenagers to adults and retirees. All can start acoustic guitar classes and learn to form basic chords, various strumming techniques and strum to popular songs.

  • How can I teach myself the acoustic guitar without lessons?

    If you have friends who know how to strum the acoustic guitar, you can get a few tips from them. But it is best to look for a guitar teacher who is accredited and has the right playing skills. You can then build your foundation well and progress forward smoothly. For acoustic guitar lessons, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769.

  • Should I start acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons?

    It is basically your preference, whether you start acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar classes. The genre of music you can cover may be different. Playing styles and techniques are also different. If you are not sure, you can plan trial lessons for each before deciding.