Violin lessons for kids

Many parents are eager to start their children on violin lessons for kids. During my many years of tenure in the music education niche, sometimes I am approached by enthusiastic parents who ask if their two year old child can enrol to start to learn to play the violin. Typically, I would advise the parent to wait till the child is three to five years old before exploring this. There are a few key reasons for this:

Firstly, the child may not have grown up physically to be able to hold the violin and bow to play effectively.

Secondly, the child may not have developed mentally to understand simple concepts such as counting and reading.

So my advice to parents of children who are younger than five years old, is to expose the child to music by playing classical songs. Encourage the child to get basic sense of rhythm, as well as sing or hum along to simple songs. There are many simple songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” or “Row Row Row your boat” or “London Bridge is Falling Down” which can be taught at this age. This will help to program the young mind to be ready to start formal violin classes for kids later.

Now, let me share with you six benefits of starting your child on violin lessons for kids:

Violin lessons requires the student to focus for at least 30 minutes to an hour, listening and internalizing what the coach is explaining. The child’s concentration and attention span will be very much improved. This is functional toward the ability to learn new things in life, whether academically or otherwise. Which leads us to benefit number 2.

I have noticed that children who embark on violin lessons for kids at a young age tend to do better academically. The brain is a very unique and interesting organ. At a young age, it can absorb knowledge like sponge. Even in adulthood, the mind can be altered via repetitive practice, so that the brain neurons can reconnect and slow down the degeneration of the brain cells. This is another topic altogether.

On the topic of connecting brain neurons to physically challenge the student to play the violin — this is the process of mind mapping. In other words, repetitively practice so that the movement or technique becomes easy. The violin player does not need to think to coordinate both hands to play the violin. So another key benefit of violin classes for kids is improving the visual space processing of the mind. Some term this “motor skills development”. The child will gain directional sense, meaning for example, if the child goes for a walk from him, he or she will not get lost as the mind know where the starting point is.

Another benefit of music lessons for kids is it develops discipline and patience. In the process of mind mapping, the violin student will find that the hand, eye and brain cells cannot coordinate. It is important here, to be patient and not get frustrated. Frustration will slow down the learning process. Starting music lessons also requires the student to be disciplined about daily practice. I always advise my students to make it a point to come into contact with the violin and violin bow on a daily basis, no matte how busy one might me. Ten minutes of mindful practice is better than two hours of mindless practice which is not productive.

Starting music lessons also stimulates the child creativity. How, you may ask? In playing any repertoire pieces, whether short or long ones, one is playing music. Music is emotional — the song could be the famous “Swan Song” which is sad and soulful, or it could be Vivialdi’s four seasons where certain sections are full of positive happy energy. All these emotions need to come out when the violinist plays the piece, and to do that, I advise my students to imagine what is happening in the song, and play to emote based on the imagination. This certainly helps in improving one’s creativity.

Usually, expect to pay seventy percent of the fee for one to one coaching, if there are two students in a class. If the group is bigger, the lesson fee per student will be lower. Do note that there is a trade off in the pace of the lesson as well as the quality of the attention from the teacher, if you decide to enrol in group classes.
Check out Stradivari Strings for affordable violin lessons. Contact us at +65-98137769 to find out more about the range of teachers available. Chat with us to find out more in terms of locations as well as lesson scheduling. We can arrange lessons either at your home, our teacher’s studio or at our music studio at Sultan Plaza.






  • What age is good for my child to start violin lessons for kids?

    Some children are cognitively and physically ready to start violin lessons from age 3. However, most violin teachers prefer to coach children age 5 to 6 onwards as they can better concentrate over a lesson time span of 30 minutes to 45 minutes. If you are not sure if your child is ready to start violin lessons, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 (call or whattsapp) to arrange an assessment session.

  • How do I teach my child violin?

    To accelerate your child’s progress on the violin, you can start violin lessons with your child. Learn from the violin teacher what is taught during each weekly violin lesson for kids, and practice daily in between lessons with your child. As a bonus, you can use this as parent – child bonding time.

  • How much does a violin cost for kids?

    The price range for fractional size violin for kids ranges from $150 to $500, depending on the size of the violin, and whether the violin is factory made or hand crafted. You should also budget for accessories including the shoulder rest, violin mute, music stand and books. For a one-stop-shop experience, come to Stradivari Strings to select your child’s violin. Alternatively, we can deliver the violin to you with delivery fee.

  • What size violin should my child use?

    In general, the size chart for fractional violin (by age) is as follow:
    Age 3 to 5 years old — 1/16 size
    Age 5 to 7 years old — 1/8 size
    Age 7 to 9 years old — ¼ size
    Age 9 to 11 years old — ½ size to ¾ size
    Age 11 and older — ¾ size to 4/4 size
    The above is an indicative size chart. It is best to bring your child to our shop at Stradivari Strings, so that we can correctly measure your child for the correct size violin.

  • Are violin classes for kids hard for my child?

    With the right positive attitude, strong parental guidance as well as an experienced violin teacher who know how to structure the violin lesson for kids in an interesting manner, your child should find learning to play the violin a breeze.