Violin Teacher Singapore

In my many years in the music education niche, occasionally I am approached by violin students asking if it is possible to learn to play the violin without a coach. In my humble opinion, it is better to engage a violin teacher instead of learning from youtube videos and trying to emulate the person in the video playing the violin. More harm can be done as the student may likely pick up wrong techniques without someone giving live feedback. One may end up developing wrong habits which will take a long time to correct.

Especially for beginner level violin students, the teacher needs to physically make posture adjustments for the student in terms of the bow hold, the way to hold the violin properly, how to execute open strings bowing to create the best tone quality and so on.

Be inspired by our Singapore violin teachers at Stradivari Strings!

Our team is headed by professional level teachers who are with Singapore Symphony

Orchestra (SSO) and have decades of coaching experience. We are super proud of SSO, our home grown and internationally renowned world-class orchestra. Be inspired by our professional level SSO based violin teachers who can pass on precious violin technique skills as well as performance tips honed through years of experience on stage both locally and internationally. Our team also comprise of Singapore violin teachers who have music qualifications spanning from music degree graduates from music conservatories from around the world.

 These also include graduates from Yong Siew Toh Music Conservatory and NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). We also have teachers who have Diploma music qualifications as well as Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity College London Grade 8 qualificaitons.Having said that, what are the qualities of a great violin teacher Singapore?

The teacher must be academically qualified. As a minimum, we recommend learning under a coach with ABRSM grade 8 qualifications. You may wish to engage a coach with higher qualifications if you intend to pursue playing the violin to advanced level. Do note that a higher qualified coach will command a higher fee accordingly.

On the topic of connecting brain neurons to physically challenge the student to play the violin — this is the process of mind mapping. In other words, repetitively practice so that the movement or technique becomes easy. The violin player does not need to think to coordinate both hands to play the violin. So another key benefit of violin classes for kids is improving the visual space processing of the mind. Some term this “motor skills development”. The child will gain directional sense, meaning for example, if the child goes for a walk from him, he or she will not get lost as the mind know where the starting point is. Another benefit of music lessons for kids is it develops discipline and patience. In the process of mind mapping, the violin student will find that the hand, eye and brain cells cannot coordinate. It is important here, to be patient and not get frustrated.

The teacher must love teaching music. Most importantly, have the heart to teach. When one approaches coaching from this mindset, we can be assured of a teacher who puts the student’s interest as a priority.

A great violin teacher also must have the required number of years of experience to know how to tailor the music lesson plans according to each student’s needs. For music, different people learn optimally from different ways. Some are visual learners — in this case the teacher needs to use visual aids to explain so that the student learns faster. Some are auditory learners, learning to play music by ear. For such students, the coach may approach lessons by skewing them more towards challenging the student’s listening skills. Others do not learn by listening or seeing, but by feel. Only experienced teachers can identify these differences and channel the lesson program to optimally coach the student accordingly. In other words, a great teacher has a flexible teaching style based on how the student learns.

Some may consider the next trait a given for any violin teacher. A great teacher also is patient, warm, encouraging and have the ability motivate the student. Learning a musical instrument like the violin may be a steep learning curve for some students, especially those with no music background. For such students, additional time and effort needs to be put into areas such as rhythmic training, aural singing, intonation training. These skills may take sometime for a novice to pick up. As such, a patient teacher who is also encouraging will truly motivate the student to progress well.

A great violin teacher Singapore is also full of energy. This will certainly rub off on the student and boost the learning speed for the student. In my opinion, the student must also have high motivation level and thirst to learn to play the violin. This synergy level between both parties is important for a truly positive relationship.

So, if you are looking for a violin teacher with the above positive traits, do contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769. We can arrange lessons either at your home, our teacher’s studio or at our music studio at Sultan Plaza.







  • How do I find a good violin teacher in Singapore?

    You can locate a good violin teacher through word of mouth. Ask around your neighbourhood or acquaintances who may be learning the violin and they may recommend someone whom them have worked with. However, this may take some time and very often the referred teacher may not have the time slot available to coach you. To locate a good violin teacher quickly, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769.

  • Can I learn violin without a teacher?

    You can try to learn the violin by watching Instagram or youtube videos of how other violinists play. However it is very difficult to master this 100% perfectly without a violin teacher. My advice to all aspiring violinists is to start on the right footing and engage a properly certified coach for violin lessons.

  • How much do violin teachers in Singapore make?

    A full time violin teacher in Singapore can make in excess of Singapore $5000 per month. This could be higher, depending on whether the coach has more intermediate or advance level students versus beginner level ones. An experienced coach with more than 10 years of teaching experience will command more fees and can take in more than Singapore $8000 per month.

  • What qualities do I need to look out for in a good violin teacher?

    Aside from qualifications from an accredited examination board such as the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) or a music degree awarded by a music conservatory, a good violin teacher possesses the following qualities: patience, the ability to explain concepts which is easy for students to understand, wide range of experience coaching students who learn in different ways.

  • Can I learn violin in 6 months, with a violin teacher?

    Yes you certainly can learn to play the violin in 6 months under the guidance of a violin teacher. As to how well you can play a song, to express the emotions required, that will come with time and may take longer than that.