Classical Guitar Lessons

Stradivari Strings’ guitar teachers in Singapore offers the following private guitar lessons: acoustic private guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, electric private guitar lessons and bass private guitar lessons.

Classical Guitar Lessons

If you wish to take up classical guitar lessons, a great option will be for you to start with our guitar teachers in Singapore. Taking classical guitar lessons builds a strong foundation for anyone starting to learn to play the guitar. Your private guitar lessons in classical guitar also builds foundation in music theory and musicianship. Learning to read music theory is important for any musician. Even budding acoustic or electric guitarists can start classical guitar lessons to advance their skills.

Your classical guitar teacher in Singapore will coach you proper techniques and progress you to other genres like jazz, blues, latin, pop and soft rock.

After you start classical guitar lessons, you will realize that the classical guitar is both lyrical and versatile. Your guitar teacher in Singapore will show you that you can play solo, duet or as a group. During your private guitar lessons, you will learn from your guitar teacher how to strum the guitar without the use of a pick.

Beginner level classical guitar lessons cover notation, scales and arpeggios, chords, song accompaniment.

Intermediate level private guitar lessons cover higher position, chord patterns (major chords, minor chords, dominant chords). Our guitar teachers in Singapore will also cover techniques (pizzicato, tremolo).

Advance level classical guitar lessons cover song arrangement, transcription and advance level repertoire.

Our classical guitar teacher in Singapore can coach students via the leisure route, or prepare students for ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall exams.

Private guitar lessons in classical guitar can be conducted at our music studio Sultan Plaza, at your home or at your guitar teacher’s place.

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  • Bryan Ravie

    Bryan Ravie

    (Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele)


    Meet Our

    Classical Guitar Teacher

    Bryan achieved Grade 8 in Classical Guitar, from LCM (London College Music). A very patient and good natured teacher, he has three years teaching experience and specializes in coaching Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, electric guitar and ukulele. He has experience teaching students from diverse age range, from young kids to working adults and retirees.





  • I started with no music background with Stradivari Strings. With my guitar teacher’s help, I can now play the guitar well.
  • I started learning the Classical guitar from Teacher Bryan a few months back and must say that I love it! The Classical Guitar Lessons are fun and Bryan is a patient teacher. Thanks and I highly recommend Bryan to any new students!