Guitar Lessons

Stradivari Strings offers the following guitar classes in Singapore: acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar classes for beginners, electric guitar classes and bass guitar classes for beginners.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Our beginner guitar lessons are structured so that you are taught the correct playing techniques, while giving you the choice to select the playing style which you wish to master. The initial focus will be to learn the proper posture for guitar playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including different styles of strumming and plucking patterns are taught. These are taught in both kids guitar lessons and adult guitar lessons.

The Best Guitar Lessons for Kids in Singapore

Are you looking for amazing beginner guitar lessons for your young budding musician? Enrol your child in our guitar lessons for children. Children age between six to twelve are developing cognitively so exposing them to beginner guitar lessons will stimulate them mentally. This is an avenue for them to express themselves creatively.

After firming up scheduling for kids guitar lessons, the next task you need to do is to shop for an appropriate size guitar for beginners. You can wait till the beginner guitar lessons start, and get an idea from the guitar teacher. Alternatively you can go to any guitar store to have your child properly measured, before guitar lessons for children start.

We can structure kids guitar lessons on a leisure route, or the ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall examination route.

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Majority of adults who start adult guitar lessons have no music background. Under our guitar teachers’ guidance, all have enjoyed many hours of lessons. Some adult learners have progressed beyond beginner guitar lessons, to improvise on popular songs and compose new songs!

Guitar lessons for kids and guitar lessons for adults can be conducted at our music studio at Sultan Plaza, at your home or at your teacher’s place.

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  • Calvin Nam

    (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele)

    Meet Our

    Guitar Teacher

    A music coach, music producer and musician. Calvin is a music veteran. He has over 20 years of experience playing the guitar for more than 20 years. He also has over 400 original compositions. Among his accolades include: Highly Commended Winner for Scala Songwriting Competition 2001, Semi-Finals for Mova Songwriting Festival 2002, Entry of Merit, Top 10 percent of 4500 entries from 50 countries in Unisong 2003.

    Calvin specializes in acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, and ukulele lessons. He has a repertoire of over 2000 popular songs for his guitar classes. These include current pop song, English classics, as well as Chinese songs. Genre he specializes in, include country, blues, rock, acoustic fingerstyle, pop, metal.

    Calvin started private guitar lesson coaching from 2013. His students age range from 4 to 65. His teaching style focuses on learning songs with relevant music theory taught on the side for students to understand the guitar and ukulele lessons. He also coaches technical skills of playing the guitar and ukulele.

  • Jarrell Koh

    (Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, electric bass, piano, theory)

    Meet Our

    Guitar Teacher

    Jarrell is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, electric bass and piano. He has been coaching professionally since 2013. Music genre he specializes in include jazz, metal, pop and rock.

    Jarrell has vast performance and competition experience, highlights include performing in the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (2010) and the Singapore Street Festival competition (2010). His band also progressed to finalist in the Mettleband competition 2010.

    Qualifications garnered include grade 7 pop music and jazz piano, and grade 5 theory.

  • Bryan Ravie

    (Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele)

    Meet Our

    Guitar Teacher

    Bryan achieved Grade 8 in Classical Guitar, from LCM (London College Music). A very patient and good natured teacher, he has three years teaching experience and specializes in coaching Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, electric guitar and ukulele. He has experience teaching students from diverse age range, from young kids to working adults and retirees.





  • Bryan’s method encourages people to learn the guitar more independently using the methods he has suggested and offers constructive advice when he guides you in your playing. He demonstrates what he is teaching, which helps give me an idea of what the song should sound like.
    Daniel Tan
  • Our guitar teacher is very patient with us, as we had no music background prior to learning the guitar. We always look forward to having lessons with him each week.
    Jonathan and Daryn
  • I look forward to each guitar lesson as I know that I will be able to learn more and improve on my guitar skills. My teacher makes lessons fun and praises me when I do well. She also gives me new challenges each time which allows me to play so much better.
    Phyllis Gan
  • Joel is a patient and dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the student receives the best form of guitar education with his systematic approach of teaching, ensuring that the student gets his basics right before moving on to more advance techniques. His guitar lessons is coupled with theory lessons to allow the students to grasps the concept of playing guitar easier.
    Yan Rui
  • Bryan will relate his ideas about how a certain song can be played, apart from the conventional way, he is very innovative when it comes to improvisations.
    James Chew
  • My electric guitar teacher’s approach to teaching music theory through jamming, makes the learning experience more fun and motivating
    Terry Sia
  • My electric guitar teacher constantly provides interesting material from different genres of music so there is always something new to learn every week. There is also a strong emphasis on tailoring lessons based on the student’s individual taste in music.
    Chua Zhong Hoe
  • Trixie has been learning under Jarrell for three years and has switched to electric guitar. I am very happy that she is able to take her grade 3 Exams and she is happy with Jarrell’s teaching.
    Mrs Tan
    ( Trixie's mum)
  • Calvin is a dedicated and passionate guitar teacher who encourages his students to go beyond simply just memorising and practicing. He seeks to ensure that I understand the theories behind chords, its progressions, and guitar scales; so that I will be able to better appreciate them and the practices thereafter would become easier. He also encourages me not to just stop there but to use what I have learnt to create my own songs. Calvin is extremely patient and always accommodates my requests of revising theories that he may have already gone through. He also curates his lessons for his students to suit their interests and skills. For example, in a lesson about chord progressions and song keys he got me to pick a song of my choice and we transcribed it together on the spot. Not only did I have a lot fun doing so, but I also learned something in the process. Calvin has definitely helped improved my playing and has boosted my confidence as a guitarist.
  • I started with no music background with Stradivari Strings. With my guitar teacher’s help, I can now play the guitar well.
  • My 8 year old daughter and I have been learning guitar basics from Joel for a few months now. Joel is very patient and is able to adjust his teaching style for us given our very different needs. He comes prepared with his lesson plans and is able to teach in a dynamic manner while adjusting to our varied pace. It’s a pleasure to learn from Joel and I highly recommend him as a teacher for students of all ages and levels.
    Acoustic Guitar Student
  • My son is lucky to learn guitar playing from Joel. He is definitely our tutor! He gives complex lessons which include both theory and practice part in a friendly and disciplined manner. This is fundamental and important for beginners. He always keep me informed of my son’s progress. His structured approach, patience, ability to identify the key to the individual kid — this is what we like him for.
    Mother of 6 year old Dima