Saxophone Lesson

Saxophone Lessons in Singapore
If you love jazz or the soulful sound of rhythm and blues, start saxophone lessons in Singapore. Stradivari Strings has qualified saxophone teachers in Singapore to conduct the following:

  • Alto saxophone lessons
  • Soprano saxophone lessons
  • Tenor saxophone lessons
  • Baritone saxophone lessons

Most beginner students start with alto saxophone lessons, as it is easier to manage. The soprano saxophone is shorter in length thus accurate tuning is more difficult for beginners starting saxophone lessons in Singapore. The tenor saxophone is larger size and has lower pitch, so it requires more are to be blown through the mouthpiece to produce sound. Thus it is more suited to students taking intermediate or advance level saxophone lessons in Singapore. The baritone saxophone is large, thus more suited to advanced students.

Once you have decided to start saxophone lessons in Singapore and identified a great saxophone teacher, you will need to source for your own saxophone. Do come to Stradivari Strings to select your saxophone.

The caliber of our saxophone teachers in Singapore range from ABRSM Diploma qualified saxophone teachers, to degree qualified saxophone teachers from well-known music conservatories around the world. Each saxophone teacher is carefully vetted and qualified. The process includes interview and audition, as well as getting feedback from students. Very experienced saxophone teachers in Singapore are versatile and can coach in any genre, be it jazz, pop, rock, blues.

Aside from qualifications, the other important factor to look out for when selecting saxophone teachers in Singapore to start saxophone lessons is the teacher’s experience. How many years of teaching experience, how many students, age group of students. If you intend to get qualifications via the ABRSM exams, best if the coach has experience in this area as well.

Saxophone lessons in Singapore can be arranged at Sultan Plaza, your place or at saxophone teacher’s location.






  • How much are saxophone lessons in Singapore?

    Budget around $60 per lesson of 45 minutes or $80 per hour. There are less saxophone teachers available compared to other music instruments. Demand and supply rules peg saxophone fees at a higher fee comparatively. Having said that, this is a cool musical instrument to learn so do pick up the phone and contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 to arrange saxophone classes. Here is a guide on saxophone lessons fee in Singapore:

    Beginner level saxophone lessons From $50 Duration 30 minutes to 45 minutes
    Intermediate level saxophone classes From $60 Duration 45 minutes to one hour
    Advance level saxophone lessons From $70 Duration 45 minutes to one hour
  • Is it hard to learn the saxophone during saxophone lessons?

    If is not difficult to learn the saxophone. Many have learnt how to play on it, from children to adults. If you are not sure, always ask questions during your saxophone classes so your saxophone teacher can fully explain and clear your doubts.

  • Can I learn the saxophone on my own without saxophone teacher?

    If you have some music background you may be able to get away with learning to play the saxophone without a saxophone teacher. However if you do not have music background, you will need coaching in terms of theory, rhythm and how to handle the saxophone. So it is better that you invest saxophone lessons.

  • How much time should I spend practicing on the saxophone after saxophone classes?

    In the beginning it is important to strengthen your lip muscle so that you can produce good tone via the saxophone mouth piece and reed. This takes some time to perfect. So if you can, try to practice daily on your saxophone in between your saxophone classes. Duration can range between 30 minutes to one hours per practice session.

  • Which is the easiest saxophone to start saxophone classes with?

    Majority of beginner saxophone students start off with the alto saxophone in beginner saxophone lessons. The tenor saxophone in comparison is heavier and the soprano saxophone is longer.