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Hello! Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy browsing through our music lessons section as well as our shop section. Feel free to contact us at +65-98137769 for immediate assistance.

Music School In Singapore

Stradivari Strings, a well-known music school in Singapore, was established to address the need for excellent music education as well as the demand for good quality music instruments.

We do not believe in the concept of “one size fits all”. Each individual is unique. That is why we ask potential students a list of questions to identify your needs and requirements, before our students start private music lessons. We then identify a suitable coach and structure your music lesson plan accordingly. We agree on goals and objectives and review this periodically with our students.

Music lessons for kids and adults can be arranged at our music school in Singapore, located at Sultan Plaza, your place or teacher’s place.

Our Music Teachers

All our teachers at our music school in Singapore are carefully selected based on qualifications, teaching experience, and aptitude for coaching. Senior teachers have experience of 10 to more than 30 years of experience coaching music lessons in Singapore. All are excellent communicators and deliver results via private music lessons.

We follow a set of strict criteria in selecting and appointing teachers to our music school in Singapore. All our teachers have qualifications from either ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), Trinity Guildhall, LCM (London College of Music). Some of our best teachers have professional music degrees acquired from prestigious music conservatories around the world.

We have specialists in early music education. We also have senior level teachers who conduct master music classes.

At our music school in Singapore, our teachers can coach students to progress via the exam route, or the leisure route.

Our Shop

We specialize in bowed strings instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello, bows), and have a selection of flute, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, books and music accessories.

We take pride in the care and attention we put in to specially curate our range of violin, viola, cello and bows. Our music instruments are professionally set up to enhance tonal quality. We also have an in house luthier who is European trained, for repair and restoration.

The music instruments we carry range from the affordable to investment grade instruments which include those crafted by contemporary as well as old master makers.

So whether you are a beginner looking to select your first instrument, or a keen collector of investment grade music instruments, we look forward to serving you.Before your start music lessons in Singapore, contact us for personalized advice to select your music instrument.

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New Arrivals/News

  • 18Sep 18
    Lucien Schmitt (1892 – 1984), fine old cello circa 1947, French

    This is a beautiful example of Lucien Schmitt’s work. This incorporates all of his best skills, choice of woods, quality of workmanship and his superb plum red varnish.

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  • 30Jun 18
    Maestro Gil Shaham

    So privileged to meet Maestro Gil Shaham and his lovely and equally talented wife, Adele Anthony, backstage after his captivating performance of Tchaikovsky's violin concerto in D major with our Singapore

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  • 28Oct 17
    Christophe Landon

    Very privileged to meet Maestro Christophe Landon in Singapore on this weekend of 21st – 22nd October 2017, who made a quick stopover from the Shanghai music fair.

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  • 30Sep 17
    Emmanuelle Fabio Fortunato Violin

    Emmanuelle Fabio Fortunato is a rising maker who graduated from the violin making school in Cremona, Italy. He resides in southern Italy and is developing a fine reputation in Europe ...

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  • 04Sep 17
    Justin Derazey Violin, circa 1880

    Fine antique french violin made after Didier Nicolas Ainé by the Justin Derazey workshops in Mirecourt circa 1880. Honoré and justin Derazey purchased the Didier Nicolas Ainé brand from the widow .......

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  • 15Sep 17
    Sebastian Klotz violin (1696-1768)

    Members of the Klotz family have made violins in Mittenwald, Germany from the mid 17th century to the present. Instruments made by Sebastian Klotz are the most admired among the many existing.....

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  • 25Sep 17
    Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin (1841-1923)

    Collin-Mezin was a distinguished French maker of violins, violas, bases and bows. He was an Officier de l'Academie des Beaux-Arts and won gold and silver medals at the Paris exhibitions in 1878, 1889.....

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  • I moved from the United States to Singapore couple years back and brought my beloved old violin along. It has not acclimatized well and I had issues with the sound post dropping numerous times. Rita from Stradivari Strings assessed the violin and advised that I go for customized sound post cut from Italian wood. This would enhance the tone of the violin and the issue of sound post dropping will be solved. I am glad that I took her advice. My violin plays brilliantly now. I recommend any serious violin player to engage the services of Stradivari Strings’ luthier.
  • We come to Singapore during summer holidays to visit family annually. My children need to keep up with their violin and cello practice during this time period, and we rent the instruments from Stradivari Strings. They have fractional sizes all the way to full size violin and cello available for rent. We also managed to locate great cello and violin teachers from Stradivari Strings, to coach and practice with my children. This is excellent one-stop service from Stradivari Strings!
  • I have been learning the cello for one year. The lessons are practical focus and I find that I needed theory lessons to supplement the practical part, so that I get a total understanding of reading music. Stradivari Strings found me a music theory teacher who comes to my workplace for music theory lessons during my lunch break. This is a perfect arrangement and I have been progressing well.
    Music Theory Student
  • Technique is of paramount importance when it comes to playing music. I have been with teacher Joyce (bamboo flute) for 2 years. She has taught me the necessary fundamentals in the playing of the Chinese flute. Under her patient teaching and guidance, I achieved distinction in both grade 5 and 8 dizi examinations. I believe that her teaching is commendable and very suitable for students who are still grasping their basics in Chinese flute.
    Leslie Low
  • Simon and Timothy enjoy Jarrell’s ukulele lesson very much. My kids are hard to handle at times but I am surprised they are able to pay attention in his class!
    Mrs Charlotte Muller
    Mother of ukulele students
  • My 8 year old daughter and I have been learning guitar basics from Joel for a few months now. Joel is very patient and is able to adjust his teaching style for us given our very different needs. He comes prepared with his lesson plans and is able to teach in a dynamic manner while adjusting to our varied pace. It’s a pleasure to learn from Joel and I highly recommend him as a teacher for students of all ages and levels.
    Acoustic Guitar Student
  • My son is at ABRSM grade 5 level and I was looking for a senior level coach to take him up to advance level. Stradivari Strings placed him under the guidance of piano teacher Matthew. Right from the first lessons, my son got on well with him and I am happy that we have engaged him to be our permanent piano coach.
    Mrs Joyce
    Mother of grade 5 level piano student
  • My 10 year old daughter is an advanced level violin player. Her talent in violin playing is nurtured with active participation in violin competitions held in Europe. We believe this grooms confidence level. We live in Switzerland and return to Singapore during the Summer holiday break each year. Mr Yeo has been instrumental in coaching her high level performance techniques during one on one master classes. We are grateful that we can find a great coach in Mr Yeo
    Mother of 10 year old advance level violinist
  • Teacher Hughes is an excellent cello teacher. He is fantastic and relates extremely well with my 10 year old daughter. He is ever so patient with her and offers words of encouragement during all cello lessons. I highly recommend him to any parent whose child wants to start cello classes. Thanks teacher Hughes for everything!
    Jacqueline Liew
    Mother of 10 year old cello student
  • Stradivari Strings was very thorough in helping to select a viola which is suitable for my build. I received great advice and information including the type of wood, age of the maple spruce, to the quality of the rosin for my viola bow. I am very pleased with the viola and the lovely sound it produces.
    Mei Juan
    Viola Student
  • I have been taking violin lessons from Mr Yeo for the past year, and each lesson has been very enjoyable and fun. Mr Yeo is always smiling and very encouraging (I cannot remember ever seeing him not smile!), which puts me at ease while learning difficult passages or techniques. He is also very happy to explain to me the reasoning behind certain playing techniques which helps me appreciate playing the violin even more. I can confidently say that my progress is largely due to Mr Yeo’s dedication and professionalism as a teacher. I would strongly recommend Mr Yeo to anyone who would wish to start violin lessons!
    Violin Student



  • Rita at Stradivari Strings is wonderful! I had to get my 6 year old daughter a cello. She was informative, honest and very helpful. She explained the different types of instruments and the prices. When I asked her about lessons for my girl, she offered to help with instructors she knew. My other daughter needs a ukulele and we are getting it from Stradivari Strings … all our best.
    Reham G
  • I bought myself a cello from Stradivari Strings. Rita treats her customers like family and really makes them comfortable by understanding their needs and expectations. Her hand is like a magic wand which makes the right cello come to you. I believe the most important thing is you should get connected to the instrument you buy and I am really grateful to Rita for making it possible.
    Guarav Harchwani
  • My experience with Stradivari Strings in selecting my violin was awesome. The owner gave me a lot of information in order for me to make an informed decision in selecting my violin.
  • I really enjoyed myself during my violin selection session with Stradivari Strings. Rita was very patient and guided me to try a wide range of violin. She educated me a lot of in terms of product knowledge about the violin and the violin bow, and explained to me how to pick a good violin. I spent eight hours over 2 days at Stradivari Strings and selected the violin and violin bow which I will own for life.
  • Stradivari Strings is very detailed and professional during my violin selection process. They have a wide range of violins suited for the beginner all the way to the advanced player.
    Isaac Leong
  • The streamlined and personalized service I received from Stradivari Strings made my initial experience with the violin wonderful. Now, playing the violin has become my passion.
    Leonard Marion Provido
  • Stradivari Strings is very friendly and knowledgeable about music instruments. During my violin selection session with Stradivari Strings, I was given a lot of information to make an informed choice on the violin I would eventually select, I was given a lot of time to decide on my violin and violin bow. They were not pushy at all. I am extremely happy with the Peter Racz violin I eventually selected at Stradivari Strings.
  • My son loves the cello that we bought from Stradivari Strings. He refuses to practice on his previous cello, but spend hours playing on his new cello. I am so grateful that we found Stradivari Strings! Thanks!
    Mrs Wong
  • Stradivari Strings was very thorough in helping to select a viola which is suitable for my build. I received great advice and information including the type of wood, age of the maple spruce, to the quality of the rosin for my viola bow. I am very pleased with the viola and the lovely sound it produces.
    Mei Juan
  • Last year, I decided to take up the violin. I found the contact for Stradivari Strings and gave Rita a call to set up an appointment to select a student level violin. Rita was very thorough in asking about my level of commitment to learning the violin as she wants to find an instrument and price range that is suitable for me. She was also very patient in answering all of my questions. Rita gave off a good vibe to me as a would-be customer in that she was not pushy at all, and she emphasized that I should take my time to consider that the violin is something that I like, and is within my budget. When I requested a second appointment to view other violins, she was happy to accommodate my request. To date, I have already purchased two violin and two bows from Stradivari Strings. Their professionalism and level of service is something that I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase a string instrument.