Violin and Viola Lessons

Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons

Our violin lessons and viola lessons are customized to the needs of each student. Whether you are interested in learning the violin for leisure, or prefer to track your progress via the ABRSM (Associated Board Of Royal School of Music)/ or Trinity examination program, we can structure your private violin lesson plan accordingly.

We offer violin classes for beginners as well as master violin lessons in Singapore. Private violin lessons can also be arranged.

Violin Private Lessons

Our private violin lessons are mainly one to one coaching, so the violin teacher can give 100% undivided attention during your violin lessons. As opposed to group violin lessons in Singapore, private violin lessons allow the violin teacher to correct any technique and bow handling issues you have throughout the duration of the violin lessons.

The best teacher to student ratio is one to one for private violin lessons. Two student to one teacher ratio for violin lessons in Singapore is still fine. For effective violin lessons, both student must have similar music background and ability, to reap the most from beginner violin lessons.

Private violin lessons can be planned at your home, our music centre at Sultan Plaza, or at teacher’s location.

Violin Lessons For Beginners

For students starting out, it is prudent to engage a qualified violin teacher for beginner violin lessons, to build solid foundation in techniques during violin classes for beginners. During violin classes for beginners, our violin teachers focus on technique, sound, and understanding emotions when playing the violin

Do not under estimate the importance of violin classes for beginners. Some students want to rush through this and skip beginner violin lessons. What is covered during violin lessons for beginners? Basics such as proper posture, bow hold, basic bow handling are not mastered and these students typically don’t do well and need to retake violin classes for beginners.

Once solid foundation is built, your progress to intermediate and advanced level playing will be smooth in future private violin lessons.

When starting beginner violin lessons, you need your personal violin. This sense of ownership will inspire you to practice well and be prepared for future private violin lessons.

Keen to join our violin classes for beginners? Call +65-98137769 to arrange.

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  • Chai Siak Lee

    (Violin, Piano, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Violin Teachers

    Siak Lee achieved ABRSM grade 8 qualification in violin and piano. She is currently pursuing Diploma qualifications in both music instruments. She has ABRSM grade 5 qualification in music theory and currently pursuing ABRSM grade 8 theory.

    She started coaching violin and piano in 2015. She scored Gold in the National Music Strings Orchestra Competition as a violinist and soloist. In 2016, she was selected to attend Clement Curtin Violin masterclasses and was recognized for her skills. In 2018 she was awarded Silver in Euroasia Competition.

  • Tevy Tang

    (Violin, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Violin Teachers

    Tevy graduated from La Salle Singapore & Kingston University (DIP. BA in violin music performance, Hons upper 2nd Division) in 1998. He also has piano as minor study for his Dip. BA. He has 9 years of solid coaching experience with private students as well as in music schools.

    Tevy’s appreciation of western classical music originated from his coaches from Singapore and UK. Notably, he took master classes from Mr Jonathan Rees (a recipient of the BBC Award violinist in 1978).

    He has performed in numerous ensemble and orchestra in both countries. He has also performed with the London Korean Community Orchestra in the 1990’s. As such he has a cosmopolitan and international outlook.Tevy’s students come from all walks of life, from 4 year old to adults. He also performed with his students at Woodlands Regional Library Recital Hall, Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (2015), and at the ABRSM High Scorer’s concert at Suntec City (1999).

  • Bryan Tay

    (Violin, Viola, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Violin Teachers

    Bryan achieved high distinction in ABRSM Grade 8 viola. He also has Dip ABRSM in Piano. He has a strong interest in music and a passion for viola performance. His passion for music and his leadership qualities led him to his appointment as Chairman of Raffles Chamber Ensemble. His honed his coaching skills early, coaching students in the RI (Raffles Institution) string ensemble group.

    Bryan is extensively involved in Singapore’s Classical Music scene, with regular performances at Victoria Concert Hall and Esplanade concert hall. He has performed extensively with numerous prominent musicians including leading Finnish conductor Maestro Okko Kamu, Maestro Wang Ya-Hui, Cultural Medallion awardee Maestro Lim Yau, and Maestro Angela Liong. He is also an active orchestra player with Orchestra of Music Maker and The Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Bryan believes in using his gift in music to benefit the community. He spearheaded numerous concerts where the proceeds benefited charities involving underprivileged children.

  • Janice

    (Violin, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Violin Teachers

    Janice achieved grade 8 ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music). She has been playing the violin since the tender age of 6 years old. She was a member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and represented Singapore in Aberdeen, Scotland for a music festival in 2001. In 2006, she joined Singapore Philharmonic Orchestra.

    She has seven years of teaching experience coaching students of all ages. Her youngest student is aged 3.





  • I learn violin from teacher Siak Lee as a beginner. Lessons are lively and relaxing. She is a responsible and patient teacher.
    Wen Jie
  • Bryan is a wonderful teacher. He is fluent in the language of music and is very knowledgeable. He is patient in teaching and I improved tremendously with his guidance.
    Aries Lu
  • Teacher Siak Lee is always patient, attentive and caring.
    Mei En
  • Tevy is great in explaining the fundamentals to a beginner like me. He is very patient and takes his time to explain everything in detail. He makes sure I understand everything clearly before moving on.
    Simone Sng
  • Teacher Siak Lee is a great coach. When I face problems on violin techniques, she will always coach patiently and make sure that I fully comprehend. Her explanation is clear and organized.
    Choo Min
  • My 7 year old looks forward to Bryan’s lessons every week. Bryan has got a knack for making lessons interesting and enjoyable while ensuring that Ajay is learning at the same time. With Bryan’s encouragement, Ajay has been motivated to practice at least twice a week and is showing tremendous confidence when playing his pieces. Under Bryan’s tutelage, we are confident that Ajay will continue to learn and love music.
    parent of Ajay
  • Mr Yeo, my violin teacher does not hold back in sharing violin playing techniques and knowledge. He readily answers the many questions I have, he is indeed a patient teacher.
    Violin Student
  • I found my violin teacher Mr Yeo through Stradivari Strings. He is an excellent teacher and I really enjoy my violin lessons here!
    Violin Student
  • As a violin teacher, Janice is very flexible and sensible to special needs of adult working students like me. She is very understanding about my weaknesses and promptly redirects me to ensure my progress. I see a very dedicated and passionate music teacher in her heart and actions.
    Violin Student
  • Before I started lessons with Mr Yeo, I was a beginner student with no music background, and not musically talented. Mr Yeo has been very patient with me and he makes learning the violin interesting and easy to understand. This really helps me and I really enjoy lessons.
    Miss Yap
    Violin Student
  • Mr Yeo is a very patient and understanding teacher, His lessons are easy to understand and he conducts it in a fun way. He is observant, picking up on my weaknesses in violin playing, and corrects my mistakes immediately. I learnt a lot from him aside from violin playing.
    Violin Student
  • Mr Yeo is a very supportive teacher. Always optimistic, there is a “you can do it” atmosphere in class. I always feel encouraged and have the confidence in mastering the viola
    Viola Student
  • I started violin lessons in June 2010 and within 1 year, took the ABRSM grade 3 examinations. I am amazed with my progress even though I have no music background before learning the violin.
    Ho Hwee Leng
    Violin Student
  • Teacher Janice is one who enjoys teaching and makes every lesson enjoyable. She is patient and makes the lessons so fun and easy. I admire her passion for teaching the violin
    Apple Teo
    Violin Student
  • I had no music background before learning the violin and was initially apprehensive. My violin teacher encouraged me all the way and is very patient. Learning the violin is so enjoyable now, I look forward to lessons every week!
    Lim Mei Yun
    Violin Student
  • I started learning the violin 6 months ago and passed the ABRSM grade 2 examinations with distinction!
    Ronnie Tan
    Violin Student
  • Ms Yentl’s class is fun. We sometimes listen to different classical pieces in class. It is easy to understand her explanation, and I get the opportunity to learn new songs which are not in the examination books
    Dylan Teo
    13 year old violin student
  • Janice is a very patient and encouraging teacher. My son enjoys his violin lessons and has improved his technique in a very short time – his posture is better, pitch is more precise and his sight reading is more accurate. Thank you Janice.
    Caroline Doo
    Mother of 7 year old student
  • We can see that our son, who has passed ABRSM grade 5 exams in 2016, has improved in his bowing technique under teacher Tevy. His coaching is more precise compared to other teachers.
    Mr and Mrs Tan
    Parents of 9 year old Shane
  • Stradivari Strings found me a violin teacher who is humorous and passionate about music. I truly enjoy my journey towards learning to play the violin.
    Violin Student
  • I really enjoyed my violin lesson with Mr Yeo. During my first lesson with him, I learnt more compared to 4 lessons with my previous violin teacher. I was smiling throughout my violin lesson.
    Violin Student
  • Ms Yentl is a very patient violin teacher to young kids and very knowledgeable. She is a nice music coach for my son (4 years old) that I hope my son can be guided by her long term. Thank you Ms Yentl
    Mother of 4 year old Winston
  • I want to enrich my life and decided to learn the violin for leisure. I have been enjoying my violin lessons with my violin teacher, who is very patient and dedicated.
    Isaac Leong
    Violin Student
  • My violin teacher is awesome! My progress on the violin is so fast, I am going for ABRSM grade 2 examinations within 6 months of starting lessons.”
    Kaan Dinckol
  • Tevy/s flexibility in lesson timing made it perfect for me due to the nature of my job. He also keeps each lesson interesting and made sure to teach me something new each lesson. I have piano diploma background when I started lessons with Tevy, his coaching and my background helped me to progress to take grade 6 ABRSM exams within 9 months of starting to learn the violin.
  • Mr Yeo is a great coach and mentor, he never fails to make my violin lessons interesting and fulfilling. Every lesson with him feels like a fleeting moment, that is how enjoyable his lessons are! I highly recommend Mr Yeo if you are serious about advancing quickly. You will learn all the necessary technical skills from a professional.
    Peggy Chng
    Violin Student
  • Stradivari Strings found a patient and experienced teacher to conduct the violin lessons. My son enjoys his violin lessons tremendously.
    Boon Ching
    Mother of 5 year old Jay
  • I have been taking violin lessons from Dwanye for about three months now, and I enjoy learning from him. As an adult learner, initially, I was quite hesitant and worried because I do not have any music background. However, he has been very kind and patient in helping me understand how to play the violin and ensures that I am comfortable with what I am doing each violin lesson. When in doubt, he explains in a way that is easy to grasp. Also, he doesn’t get mad if I mess up on a note, waits if I’m stuck on a certain song, and continues to offer support and encouragement. In a nutshell, Dwanye makes learning the violin fun and exciting.
    Violin Student
  • Isla has been learning the violin for the last three years, progressing via 3 different teachers at a very slow pace. Under violin teacher Janice, Isla has flourished. Teacher Janice is very patient and she finds ways to make lessons interesting. Even though Isla has short attention span, she is willing to learn and aims to excel.
    Mother of 6 year old Isla
  • Bryan is a very patient and kind teacher who would point out the problems I encountered when playing the viola, and work through the solutions patiently with me. He is always generous with encouragements too. Learning something new is never easy, and I’m really thankful to have him as my teacher.
    Mei Juan
    Viola Student
  • My teacher Mr Yeo, makes every violin lesson interesting as he imparts basic theory and even dispenses historical descriptions so that the music is given its deserving mood, setting and value. In doing so, he makes me appreciate classical music even more and this translates to better understanding of the pieces I play.
    Francis Seah
    Violin Student
  • I have been taking violin lessons from Mr Yeo for the past year, and each lesson has been very enjoyable and fun. Mr Yeo is always smiling and very encouraging (I cannot remember ever seeing him not smile!), which puts me at ease while learning difficult passages or techniques. He is also very happy to explain to me the reasoning behind certain playing techniques which helps me appreciate playing the violin even more. I can confidently say that my progress is largely due to Mr Yeo’s dedication and professionalism as a teacher. I would strongly recommend Mr Yeo to anyone who would wish to start violin lessons!
    Violin Student
  • As an adult starter, I am pleased to have Mr Yeo as my violin teacher. He is just great – very knowledgeable about music and adaptable in style and explanation. His eye for detail allows subtle correction that makes a whole world of difference to the practice. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wishes to learn the violin in a professional, yet comforting and encouraging environment.
  • My twin daughters learn the violin and piano from the same teacher at Stradivari Strings. The teacher is always encouraging my girls to do their best at all times.
    Rosemary Horst
    Mother of twin girls
  • Lessons with Tevy, my violin teacher, are the highlight of my week. He provides a well-rounded education that goes beyond mere mastery of violin technique, often supplementing lessons with interesting tips and anecdotes that reveal his experience and knowledge. His enthusiasm is infectious, his energy unceasing; every lesson is enjoyable and over too soon. Under his tutelage, my violin playing has improved swiftly and the best part is: none of it feels like work. Tevy makes it fun!