Master Classes

Which Violin School in Singapore?

There are many violin schools in Singapore. All offer violin classes in Singapore and have many violin teachers in Singapore. What makes Stradivari Strings, a violin school in Singapore, different? We have violin teachers based with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), teachers who graduated from renowned music conservatories around the world. They have accumulated years of performance experience on the world stage and can impart valuable advice in our master classes, including violin master classes in Singapore. These teachers, including senior violin teachers in Singapore, are confident working with Stradivari Strings to organize master violin classes in Singapore.

Master Classes/ Violin Classes

Stradivari Strings is one violin school in Singapore which offers: master violin classes, viola master classes, cello master classes, saxophone master classes, flute master classes. These violin classes in Singapore provide the opportunity for students to meet and benefit from great violin teachers in Singapore.

Students need help at that crucial stage between mediocre and successful achievement. Our violin school in Singapore organizes master classes with senior violin teachers in Singapore to push students up that notch. These master violin classes prepare the student well for an audition for a pedigree music conservatory, or for international music competition. Many students also come for our master classes before the ABRSM or trinity examinations to gain confidence.

Violin and viola masterclasses are conducted for students of all levels. These are coached by very experienced teachers who are based with Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

What attributes do our master class teachers, including violin teachers in Singapore, possess? They have music charisma developed through years of performance, they know how to impart their skills effectively in violin classes and and they are selective in which violin school in Singapore to work with.

Our master classes cover areas beyond violin classes for beginners, focusing on technique improvement and overall performance showmanship.

Our senior violin teacher in Singapore as well as teachers of other music instruments have decades of coaching and performance experience. Students who join our violin school in Singapore for master classes perfect their performance techniques well, in the violin classes.

These masterclasses focus on technique refinement and performance style. Suitable for any students looking to maximize their potential and pick up playing techniques from seasoned professionals.

These violin classes in Singapore provide the opportunity for students to meet and benefit from great violin teachers in Singapore.

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