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Music Theory Lessons with our Music Theory Teachers

Learning to play a music instrument with no knowledge of music theory is like learning a language without knowing how to read. It is important to know how to read the language of music by attending music theory lessons in Singapore. With knowledge of music theory learnt from a music theory teacher, one can then effectively understand how a piece of music is supposed to be expressed.

One can opt to self-learn music theory without the assistance of a music theory teacher. Skipping beginner music theory lessons may be possible initially. However, at a point in time you will still need to engage a music theory teacher.

If you are progressing to grade 6 for your practical music instrument via the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), a requirement of the examination board is to pass the ABRSM Grade 5 in music theory by taking music theory lessons.

Stradivari Strings has experienced music theory teacher to coach music theory lesson from grade 1 to grade 8. Our music theory lessons cover the basics including rhythm, harmony and scale. Our advance music theory lessons conducted by our senior level music theory teachers, cover chord progression and intervals.

An accelerated program can be planned for intensive music theory lessons within a shorter time frame.

Music theory lessons can be arranged at our music studio at sultan plaza, at your home or at music theory teacher’s location.

Suzuki Violin Teachers’ opinion on Music Theory Lessons

Some Suzuki violin teachers have advised that students who start off with the Suzuki method need supplementary music theory lessons to improve their sight reading skills. Reason being the Suzuki violin teachers emphasize on learning music by ear over note reading. So some of these Suzuki violin teachers are also music theory teachers who coach beginner to advance level music theory lessons.

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  • Chai Siak Lee

    Chai Siak Lee

    (Violin, Piano, Theory)


    Meet Our

    Music Theory Teacher

    Siak Lee achieved ABRSM grade 8 qualification in violin and piano. She is currently pursuing Diploma qualifications in both music instruments. She has ABRSM grade 5 qualification in music theory and currently pursuing ABRSM grade 8 theory.

    She started coaching violin and piano in 2015. She scored Gold in the National Music Strings Orchestra Competition as a violinist and soloist. In 2016, she was selected to attend Clement Curtin Violin masterclasses and was recognized for her skills. In 2018 she was awarded Silver in Euroasia Competition.

  • Tevy Tang

    Tevy Tang

    (Violin, Theory)


    Meet Our

    Music Theory Teacher

    Tevy graduated from La Salle Singapore & Kingston University (DIP. BA in violin music performance, Hons upper 2nd Division) in 1998. He also has piano as minor study for his Dip. BA. He has 9 years of solid coaching experience with private students as well as in music schools.

    Tevy’s appreciation of western classical music originated from his coaches from Singapore and UK. Notably, he took master classes from Mr Jonathan Rees (a recipient of the BBC Award violinist in 1978).

    He has performed in numerous ensemble and orchestra in both countries. He has also performed with the London Korean Community Orchestra in the 1990’s. As such he has a cosmopolitan and international outlook.Tevy’s students come from all walks of life, from 4 year old to adults. He also performed with his students at Woodlands Regional Library Recital Hall, Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (2015), and at the ABRSM High Scorer’s concert at Suntec City (1999).

  • Ha Linh Trinh

    Ha Linh Trinh

    (Cello, Theory)


    Meet Our

    Music Theory Teacher

    Linh graduated from Yong Siew Toh conservatory of Singapore in 2013 with Bachelors of Music with Honours, Cello Performance.

    She has vast coaching experience coaching strings ensemble, cello, violin, piano and early childhood music education. Coaching experience from 2007 in the following schools/ establishments: Macpherson Primary School (2009), Pioneer Primary School (2012), Cello mentor for Singapore National Youth Orchestra (2012), Dulwich International School (2015-2017).

    Linh studied under the following teachers: (2010-2013) Ng Pei Sian, Principal Cellist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, (2009-2010) Leslie Tan, artist faculty of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, Tang quartet resident.

    Her vast performance experience include the following highlights: 18 April 2013, “Centennial Rite” with YST conservatory orchestra at the Esplanade Hall, July 2012 England tour with Orchestra of Music Makers, August 2011 Asian Youth Orchestra Tour in Asia, August 2010 Opening ceremony of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games at Marina Bay, Singapore





  • I am an advanced level diploma violin student. I contacted Stradivari Strings to engage a senior music theory teacher to coach me grade 8 music theory. I am progressing very well under her tutelage. Thanks, Stradivari Strings.
    Diploma level violin student
  • Trixie has been learning under Jarrell for three years and has switched to electric guitar. I am very happy that she is able to take her grade 3 Exams and she is happy with Jarrell’s teaching.
    Mrs Tan
    Mrs Tan
    ( Trixie's mum)
  • I have been learning the cello for one year. The lessons are practical focus and I find that I needed theory lessons to supplement the practical part, so that I get a total understanding of reading music. Stradivari Strings found me a music theory teacher who comes to my workplace for music theory lessons during my lunch break. This is a perfect arrangement and I have been progressing well.
    Music Theory Student