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Piano lessons in Singapore, Piano lessons for Beginners

What should one be aware of before starting beginner piano lessons? Your piano teacher must be able to inspire you, impart correct playing techniques during piano lessons in Singapore. The basic piano lessons must be clearly explained so you understand the concepts.

Once your foundation is built, you progress to intermediate and advance level piano lessons. At this level, whether it be piano lessons for kids or piano lessons for adults, your piano teacher will cover appreciation of music and different playing styles.

The most trusted method to look for a suitable piano teacher is through a piano school like Stradivari Strings. Our piano teachers are committed and dedicated, and have in place great lesson plan for basic piano lessons, to advance level piano lessons. After your music foundation is built, we can progress your piano lessons for adults or piano lessons for kids to ABRSM exam route if desired.

All of our piano teachers are accredited by the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), Trinity Guildhall exam board, or renowned music conservatories around the world. They produce results, whether it be piano lessons for kids or piano lessons for adults.

Piano lessons for Kids versus Piano lessons for adults

Piano lessons for kids build self discipline in the student, this is an asset for any child. Moreover, the self confidence and sense of achievement gained during piano lessons will flow positively to other areas in life.

Piano players often have good memory and high concentration levels. So we also have adults who are near retiring age taking up piano for beginners. This also prevents or slows down the onset of dementia.

Piano lessons in Singapore can be arranged at Sultan Plaza, your place or at piano teacher’s location.

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  • Chai Siak Lee

    (Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Piano Teacher

    Siak Lee achieved ABRSM grade 8 qualification in violin and piano. She is currently pursuing Diploma qualifications in both music instruments. She has ABRSM grade 5 qualification in music theory and currently pursuing ABRSM grade 8 theory.

    She started coaching violin and piano in 2015. She scored Gold in the National Music Strings Orchestra Competition as a violinist and soloist. In 2016, she was selected to attend Clement Curtin Violin masterclasses and was recognized for her skills. In 2018 she was awarded Silver in Euroasia Competition.

  • Miss Yin

    (Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Piano Teacher

    Miss Yin has accumulated more than 20 years of coaching experience, her specialty includes violin, piano and keyboard. She has ABRSM grade 8 in both the violin and piano.

    A dependable coach who has also garnered plenty of positive student reviews, she has students age 3 to retirees.

  • Matthew

    (Piano, Keyboard, Theory)

    Meet Our

    Piano Teacher

    Matthew is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, proficient in the piano, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone, flute and cello. Without a piano mentor or teacher, he picked up the skills of piano playing by himself till ABRSM grade 7. He achieved distinction in ABRSM grade 8 and is on track to achieve Diploma in piano in 2018.

    Matthew has be coaching private students since 2016, and he has received numerous positive feedback from his students.





  • My piano teacher is a very patient teacher. She finds many different ways to explain piano terms and techniques to make it more relatable. She also constantly suggests exercises that can improve one’s techniques.
  • Under the guidance of my piano teacher, I feel that I’m learning to appreciate and to like classical music more after having lessons with him. His method of teaching really suits me and it’s really fun.
  • My piano teacher is a very patient and knowledgable teacher who inspires me to play better by both his teaching skills and along with his wonderful playing.I enjoy every of his lesson and he makes me feel that music is such a wonderful thing.
    Jin Er
  • I taught myself to play basic piano many years back but stopped as I found that I would not improve without a piano teacher. Stradivari Strings found a great coach for me — teacher Matthew. As an adult learner, my pace of learning is not as fast as a young child. However Matthew is always patient and explains the playing techniques patiently. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start piano lessons.
  • My son is at ABRSM grade 5 level and I was looking for a senior level coach to take him up to advance level. Stradivari Strings placed him under the guidance of piano teacher Matthew. Right from the first lessons, my son got on well with him and I am happy that we have engaged him to be our permanent piano coach.
    Mrs Joyce
    Mother of grade 5 level piano student
  • My twin daughters learn the violin and piano from the same teacher at Stradivari Strings. The teacher is always encouraging my girls to do their best at all times.
    Rosemary Horst
    Mother of twin girls