Ukulele Lessons

Best Ukulele Lessons in Singapore

If you have always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument that is easy to master, start ukulele lessons in Singapore with a good ukulele school. The ukulele is small, portable and fun! Contact Stradivari Strings, a ukulele school in Singapore, to arrange ukulele lessons.

The most common size to start beginner ukulele lessons is soprano ukulele or concert ukulele. Its smaller body size in relation to a full sized guitar is also the reason why a lot of young musicians start off with ukulele lessons in Singapore. Ukulele teachers in Singapore from our ukulele school can coach students as young as 3 years old. Our adult students also master the ukulele in a short time frame, under the guidance of our top ukulele teachers in Singapore.

Ukulele lessons conducted by our ukulele school are structured so our students initially learn the proper posture for ukulele playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including strumming and plucking. Our ukulele teacher in Singapore then coaches students to play accompaniment to popular songs.

If you know how to play simple chords on the ukulele, join our intermediate ukulele lessons in Singapore. Under the guidance of our ukulele teachers in Singapore based in our ukulele school, you can improve your skills to advanced level.

You can also consider rounding a couple of friends, work colleagues or family members to start group ukulele lessons with our ukulele teachers in Singapore at our ukulele school. Learning the ukulele as a group is fun as you can practice and jam as a group to improve your ukulele playing skills.

Ukulele lessons in Singapore can be arranged at Sultan Plaza, your place or at ukulele teacher’s location. Alternatively we can organize ukulele lessons at your work place for group classes.






  • How much do ukulele lessons cost in Singapore?

    Here is a guide on ukulele lessons fee in Singapore:

    Beginner level ukulele lessons $35 to $50 Duration 30 minutes to 45 minutes
    Intermediate ukulele classes $40 to $70 Duration 30 minutes to one hour
    Advance level ukulele lessons $60 to $80 Duration 45 minutes to one hour

      For a firm quotation as well as information on the profile of the ukulele teacher, contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769.

  • What age is good to start ukulele lessons?

    We have experience coaching kids as young as 3 or 5 on the ukulele. However this is best done with parental involvement during the weekly ukulele lessons. This enables the parent to practice with the child in between lessons. The next best age will be around 6 years old whereby the child can have lessons independently with the ukulele teacher.

  • Are ukulele lessons easier than guitar lessons?

    The ukulele can be a good introductory musical instrument for young students looking to transition into the acoustic guitar. It is smaller in size and has four strings, as compared to the acoustic guitar. So ukulele classes may be better suited in this instance.

  • How long does it take to master the ukulele?

    With daily practice, you can target 3 to 6 months to be good at strumming the ukulele to the songs of your choice. You can even learn to sing and strum at the same time.

  • Is it hard to learn the ukulele with ukulele lessons?

    It is not hard to learn the ukulele with proper instructions from a ukulele teacher. Prepare your personal set of ukulele, get a few guitar picks and strum away with guidance from your ukulele teacher.

  • Can I teach myself the ukulele without lessons?

    If you wish to teach yourself to play the ukulele without lessons, you can order books and read them. Or go online and watch how other musicians play the ukulele. You may need to hire a ukulele teacher to take your level up higher, at a later stage.