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Best Ukulele Lessons in Singapore

If you have always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument that is easy to master, start ukulele lessons in Singapore with a good ukulele school. The ukulele is small, portable and fun! Contact Stradivari Strings, a ukulele school in Singapore, to arrange ukulele lessons.

The most common size to start beginner ukulele lessons is soprano ukulele or concert ukulele. Its smaller body size in relation to a full sized guitar is also the reason why a lot of young musicians start off with ukulele lessons in Singapore. Ukulele teachers in Singapore from our ukulele school can coach students as young as 3 years old. Our adult students also master the ukulele in a short time frame, under the guidance of our top ukulele teachers in Singapore.

Ukulele lessons conducted by our ukulele school are structured so our students initially learn the proper posture for ukulele playing and basic tuning skills. Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including strumming and plucking. Our ukulele teacher in Singapore then coaches students to play accompaniment to popular songs.

If you know how to play simple chords on the ukulele, join our intermediate ukulele lessons in Singapore. Under the guidance of our ukulele teachers in Singapore based in our ukulele school, you can improve your skills to advanced level.

You can also consider rounding a couple of friends, work colleagues or family members to start group ukulele lessons with our ukulele teachers in Singapore at our ukulele school. Learning the ukulele as a group is fun as you can practice and jam as a group to improve your ukulele playing skills.

Ukulele lessons in Singapore can be arranged at Sultan Plaza, your place or at ukulele teacher’s location. Alternatively we can organize ukulele lessons at your work place for group classes.

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  • Calvin Nam

    (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele)

    Meet Our

    Ukulele Teacher

    A music coach, music producer and musician. Calvin is a music veteran. He has over 20 years of experience playing the guitar for more than 20 years. He also has over 400 original compositions. Among his accolades include: Highly Commended Winner for Scala Songwriting Competition 2001, Semi-Finals for Mova Songwriting Festival 2002, Entry of Merit, Top 10 percent of 4500 entries from 50 countries in Unisong 2003.

    Calvin specializes in acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, and ukulele lessons. He has a repertoire of over 2000 popular songs for his guitar classes. These include current pop song, English classics, as well as Chinese songs. Genre he specializes in, include country, blues, rock, acoustic fingerstyle, pop, metal.

    Calvin started private guitar lesson coaching from 2013. His students age range from 4 to 65. His teaching style focuses on learning songs with relevant music theory taught on the side for students to understand the guitar and ukulele lessons. He also coaches technical skills of playing the guitar and ukulele.

  • Jarrell Koh

    (Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, electric bass, piano, theory)

    Meet Our

    Ukulele Teacher

    Jarrell is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, electric bass and piano. He has been coaching professionally since 2013. Music genre he specializes in include jazz, metal, pop and rock.

    Jarrell has vast performance and competition experience, highlights include performing in the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (2010) and the Singapore Street Festival competition (2010). His band also progressed to finalist in the Mettleband competition 2010.

    Qualifications garnered include grade 7 pop music and jazz piano, and grade 5 theory.

  • Bryan Ravie

    (Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele)

    Meet Our

    Ukulele Teacher

    Bryan achieved Grade 8 in Classical Guitar, from LCM (London College Music). A very patient and good natured teacher, he has three years teaching experience and specializes in coaching Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, electric guitar and ukulele. He has experience teaching students from diverse age range, from young kids to working adults and retirees.





  • Teacher Jarrell is really an excellent teacher. Patient, nice and a good educator. My daughter likes him very much and I would highly recommend him.
    Mrs Valentin
  • Bryan is enthusiastic and talented. He is willing to show, demonstrate and guide according to student’ s abilities and talents. His ukulele lessons are enjoyable and relaxed with no pressure. Most importantly, he can motivate one to play and enjoy music.
    Theresa Pang
  • My 4 year old daughter’s ukulele teacher is extremely patient and constantly tailors his lessons according to my daughter’s progress, attention span and capacity to follow, making the ukulele lessons very interesting. My daughter is happy going for her ukulele lessons.
    Serene Chin
  • Calvin is a great ukulele and guitar teacher. He connected with my son well and my son really enjoyed his lesson. He is very attentive and great with younger kids which is what my son needs for learning
    Kim Faulkner
    Mother of 5 year old boy
  • Simon and Timothy enjoy Jarrell’s ukulele lesson very much. My kids are hard to handle at times but I am surprised they are able to pay attention in his class!
    Charlotte Muller
    Mother of ukulele students
  • Matteo loves meeting Jarrell every week. The lessons are just great and Matteo is looking forward to changing from ukulele to guitar lessons in the next term!
    Mother of Matteo
  • Stradivari Strings has been very professional and prompt in their communication right from the beginning. Our teacher Calvin is very reliable, flexible, positive and relaxed. Our girls enjoy their lessons and are developing their instrumental skills playing the ukulele.
    Rebecca Copping
    Mother of 2 ukulele students
  • Ayaan first got interested in Ukulele when he got a ukulele for his birthday present. He showed an interest in learning and we tried a couple of one on one lessons for him with different teachers. However it somehow didn’t work for him and he started losing interest. We contacted Stradivari Strings and got connected with teacher Jarrell. What impressed us that he has vast coaching experience teaching young kids. Jarrell made lessons fun and is extremely patient with my son. Ayaan soon started to show active interest in the ukulele lessons and now practices on his own too. We highly recommend ukulele students, whether young or adult, to start ukulele lessons with teacher Jarrell.
  • Wow! What an experience! I totally enjoyed my ukulele lessons with Stradivari Strings. Thank you!
    June Chan