Aristide Cavalli (1856-1931), Cremona.

Fine Old Violin, circa 1920

Cremonese violin maker Aristide Cavalli is the head of the “Officina Claudio Monteverde” in Cremona. This mature Italian violin is a rare, one piece back of deeply flamed maple. The oil varnish is richly applied, resulting in a reddish – bordeaux colour finish. The purfling is characteristic for Cremonese violine and the highly accentuated edges contribute to the character of this Italian violin, in combination with the distinctive shape of the soundholes and carving of the scroll. This fine Aristide Cavalli violin is suitable for professional use, with excellent clear volume and liquid sound, textured and colourful. It is completely set up by our expert luthier and in fine condition.

Certificate of authenticity by Master violin maker Walter J Mahr, a publicly appointed and chartered appraiser.