Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin (1841 – 1923)

Fine Old Violin, French, Circa 1920

This violin is in superior condition and is accompanied by certificate of authenticity. CJP Collin-Mezin was a distinguished French maker of violins, violas, bases and bows. He was an Officier de l’Academie des Beaux-Arts and won gold and silver medals at the Paris exhibitions in 1878, 1889 and 1900. A number of famous violinists played on his instruments, and praised their quality and playability. These violinists include Joseph Joachim, Sivori, Leonard, Marie Tayau, and Jules Armingaud, who considered a Collin-Mezin equal to a Stradivarius for flexibility of sound. CJP Collin-Mezin’s work follows the designs of famous Italian schools Stradivarius, Guarnerius, and Amati. His violins are very finely crafted in every detail, and he uses old wood that was grown naturally. He developed his own unique varnish, which ranges in colour from yellow to brownish yellow. The violin scroll has a black outline along the edg

Certificate of authenticity by Master violin maker Walter J Mahr, a publicly appointed and chartered appraiser.