Emmanuelle Fabio Fortunato Violin, Italian

Emmanuelle Fabio Fortunato is a rising maker who graduated from the violin making school in Cremona, Italy. He resides in southern Italy and is developing a fine reputation in Europe for his graceful modeling and fine tonal results.

The aim of “Liuteria Scarli” by Emanuele Fabio Fortunato, is to revalue the historical patrimony of Italian stringed instruments making especially the Neapolitan, the Cremonese and the Bolognese one. It’s hand crafted bowed string instruments are inspired by instrument models from Gagliano, Stradivari, Guarneri, Fiorini, Sannino, Poggi, etc.

The violin is crafted from double seasonal wood and completed with natural alcohol & oil varnish. The content of the varnish is E.M. Fortunato’s trade secret. Extensive acoustic studies have been conducted in collaboration with expert sound engineers to obtain best sound results.

This violin is accompanied with certificate of authenticity. It is set up with top grade African ebony tuning pegs, tail piece and chinrest. Fitted with Despiau deluxe bridge.