For beginner violinists, learning a way to play their violin can become one of the biggest challenges. But ultimately it is worth the challenge and trouble and pain. Not only you, but even your favorite violinist also has to go through the same thing when they were a beginner.

Why it is so difficult? You must be angry and telling to yourself because you are finding it really hard to play the instrument!

The reason is when you are learning an instrument like the violin, you are both training your body and reading the lyrics. You have to make sure of training your body to sit properly to be able to hold the instrument properly and which is the path to playing properly. It is easy to hamper the rhythm because improper posture will do it. Of course, your violin trainer offering  can be beneficial.

It is therefore crystal clear that when it is about the beginner violin, you need to initially focus on the techniques to be able to execute properly and reach your long-term goals.

However, when you try rectifying the mistakes sooner, the easier and faster you will be able to able to play the instrument easier.

The truth is, most of the students make similar errors in their initial years. Whether it is about the correct form and execution or practicing habits, everything matters and therefore learning the right way is a necessity. Because without rectifying you will never be able to walk on the correct path.

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Posture matters!

Your posture really matters when you are playing the violin or any other type of string instrument. When you are beginning with the violin lessons Singapore, the height, arm length, perfect posture, head placement, and the various other positions needs to be learned and played correctly. Naturally then, when you get advanced, you can start incorporating your style. Even in athletics, this principle is mostly used because they really work.

If you slack on the forms, it can have a negative impact on the playability. Let us have a look at some of the most common issues with the form.

You are not sitting properly

You are keeping the violin in a way that it is pointing outwards and thereby you can feel the pressure of your shoulders which can actually hamper your health and cause pain

Keep the left elbow towards the body

Your body is in the clenched position and therefore it is not able to offer the performance

These are some of the types of activities that not it makes playing difficult but has a serious impact on playability. Remember, if ignored, it can lead to serious injury.

Execution Is a must!

Problems with execution mostly stem from a bad form or incorrect posture. The bowing and fingering techniques come in the path of your execution when you are starting with the violin lessons. Some of the most common problems comprised.

You are being way harder than required on the fingerboard or you are lifting the fingers too much higher.

Your left wrist mostly touches your violin or is mostly pressed against the neck. Later, after this, when you go playing higher and in the advanced positions, you will find to making contact with the wrist but in the early stage, you should never.

You are squishing the fingers together or your pinky finger is getting curled. Make sure you keep your fingers relaxed.

You are making incorrect finger placement. This causes some kind of intonation issues. Make sure your fingers act like the anchor for the others.

You should start bowing straight. Such problems arise from improper shoulder or elbow movement.

You are not using the complete bow, especially the heel. Make sure you focus on using 100% of the now hair.

You are bending the arm way too much. Holding the bow is utterly crucial and when you are not paying attention to bending the thumb properly, it can freeze the wrist and straight bowing becomes a big challenge.

You are bowing backward which commonly means that you are upbowing when you should focus on down bowing movement.

You are making crash landing or bow changes. When you are starting the violin, pay complete attention to the bow techniques. Anything that is less than being smooth, proper transitions will be leading to squawks, unpleasant vibrations, and screeches.

However, if you are trying to fix it, don’t fix it at once. You should an area at once and then move to another to tackle the challenge. Otherwise, if you try doing everything at once, it can be overwhelming.

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Practice makes a man perfect!

Just like any other worthy pursuits, when you put a lot of effort, you will get what you give. When you are taking the violin lessons for the beginners, you must develop practicing in a way that is able to improve you in becoming a pro violinist. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are done by beginners.

You are unable to give a particular amount of time while practice to be able to correct the issues with technique.

You forget to ask if you have done things correctly. When you are starting with the violin, you must know that mental focus is important. No doubt you will be the very first person to understand what is wrong and therefore you should always make sure of doing it right. Only faster you do things correctly, you should proceed.

You must not rely on the autopilot mode as it can be detrimental and of no use.

These are some of the most common challenges that you tend to face in your course of learning. Make sure you take guidance from a renowned teacher offering violin lessons Singapore.

Make sure you have the zeal to rectify the mistakes and then act accordingly.  Only when you have professional hands, you will be able to understand the right things and learn the violin properly.