Do you take interest in playing violin? If yes, the very first thing you need is a great violin. If you are a beginner student and willing to buy a great violin, you will be overwhelmed with the choices available in the market. However, don’t think you are alone in this. Many students and players looking for a violin are confused by the range of choices offered to them. Do you go for a cheap factory range violin or a nice tone hand crafted one? Of course everyone will look for one that is value for money. Also within one’s budget. Value does not mean cheap though. Where can you get advise if you are a nocie and totally new to this instrument? Buying or renting violin is always a challenge for beginners.

However, this does not mean that you are not eligible to find a new great violin or rent a good one. Once you know the process to choose, you will be able to make the right choice. Remember learning the violin or the viola isn’t easy as it may sound. This bowed string instrument is very hard to master. Also giving up will hamper the chances of enjoying a great career as a violinist or violal player. Therefore if you are willing to go forward and find a good violin or violin for yourself, the following points will help you make the right choice.

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Decide if you want to buy or rent a violin or a viola?

If you are into learning violin, the first thing that you need to do is find the right violin for you from the violin shop. The market provides you with a lot of options for the beginners and at reasonable prices. However, not everyone has the financial backup to take immediate actions and therefore for those students renting violin can be a great option. Make sure that you choose a violin depending on your personal taste. If the student is a kid, renting is always a better choice as with growth they need to change the violin as well.

Pay attention on the size:

You will be fascinated with a number of violins present in the market. No matter whatever you decide, never buy a violin that is bigger than you. If you think that you kid will grow and therefore it is great to choose a bigger one then you are making a huge mistake. When someone plays a wrong sized violin, it results in creating huge health problems in them which includes chronic back, arm and neck injuries. It is always recommended to choose a violin that is the tight size for you.

Don’t forget to take the age, hand shape, body size, and your physical strength into account while buying a violin. If you are in doubt, go to a specialist like Stradivari Strings to measure you for the right size violin.

Material used and workmanship:

One of the most crucial factors about buying violin or violin finding out details on the material used as well as the workmanship.  It has been more than 300 years since the bowed strings instrument likes the violin or viola is invented and hand crafted. There are some small variations over the centuries but the main instrument structure is more or less the same. The violin or viola is hand crafted from maple spruce or maple wood. The age of the wood is very important in making the instrument sound good. The workmanship of the clothier is also important.

Each violin is unique if it is hand crafted. The quality and age of the maple wood differs. Which part of the tree the pieces are cut from is also important. If the violin is factory made, usually the wood used is not maple spruce. It could be softer wood like pine wood or even compressed wood chips. Like some like book shelves. You want to avoid factory range violin if possible. Also check out the purfling of the violin or viola. This should be hand etched. There are so many things to look out for in choosing your violin or viola so best for you to contact an expert like Stradivari Strings to explain these to you.

Consult with an expert:

Selecting a violin or viola is something personal. You are part of the instrument. How it sounds is also a function of your body mass contact with the violin and bow. Talk to a specialized dealer as they will have the necessary direct interaction with well known violin makers, luthiers, bow makers.

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Set up properly:

When the setup is imperfect, it will have a direct impact on the play-ability and also the tonal quality. However, if you have bought or rented a poor quality violin, a good set0 up will hardly make any difference. On the contrary, if you have chosen a high quality but I is not delivering the tone the way you want, you need to set it up properly. Have a look at:

  • The Strings: Steel strings are one of the most common things in violin. No matter if you are a  beginner or advanced level violinist, you will find the synthetic core strings easier to press on the fingerboard. They tend to be more responsive and richer.
  • The Nut: The depth of the groove indicates the action of violin. If it is too high, it will become tough to play and if it is too low, the string will buzz.
  • The Bridge: Just like the nut, violin’s bridge is something that will have a serious effect on the entire instrument’s play-ability. There is always a need of proper fitting with the violin’s top plate and need to have an appropriate shape. In case the groves are located to close, it will affect the string crossing.

Therefore, make sure you buy or rent your violin or viola from  an expert as the set up would be customized properly for the instrument.

Consider a well fitted shoulder and chin rest:

Make sure that the chinrest and shoulder rest fits properly. It should be comfortable. Those with a longer neck need to adjust the shoulder width higher so that you do not have neck issues playing the violin or viola. When there is a proper shoulder rest , it will automatically result in a good posture and improve play-ability.

Play it:

Play on a wide range of violin or viola at the shop. Expose yourself to Italian, French, German, Chinese crafted ones. Try out old violin age more than 100 years old, as compared to contemporary one. Each have a unique sound. Only when you have an expert with you, can you get professional help to make the right choice.

So take action today and contact Straidvair Strings, a violin shop Singapore. We look forward to educating you on how to select your violin or viola.