Becoming a musician is not as easy s it sounds. While watching a band on their live performance, we often love the way play the music. Undoubtedly from the entire team, one of the major attention taking skills lies with the guitarist. Especially if there are electric guitar players, taking away attention from the way they are playing the instrument with passion is impossible. If you take interest in guitar, you will also have the idols in mind. But reaching there isn’t as easy as it sound! This is not to scare you but to make you aware of the difficulties that are coming in your way.

Not only you, but every guitarist in their way to become the top guitarist requires overcoming the challenges. Just as the phrase goes, “No pain, no gain” and which clearly denotes that even to become a guitarist you can to take the pain to become the gainer. So, if you are new and soon planning to join the acoustic or electric guitar lessons, take into account these few points. Trust me! It might sound very hard but if you are dedicated and hardworking it is not that hard to overcome the challenges.

Beginner Guitarists

Let’s therefore dive into it.

Your fingers are going to hurt:

The first and very first challenge that everyone face is that your fingers are going to badly hurt you. Neither anyone will tell nor will you be able to understand by the way the pro guitarists play, but this something that will make you feel the pain. These strings are generally made of aluminum wire which means while you play leads or chords, your finger tips are going to hurt.

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Initially you will find them swollen, but the good news is the more keep practicing, the less you feel the pain. Gradually the pain will disappear and make you overcome electric guitar lessons the challenge to play any music swiftly.

Pinky finger will no more get neglected:

When said that your fingers will hurt, don’t think that your pinky finger will not feel the pain. Just like the other fingers, your pinky is similarly going to hurt you. While playing the chords, you will need this finger, and as usual slowly you will overcome the challenge and become a prop.


No matter which instrument you play, coordination is the very first thing that you need. Just like guitar, when you are playing it, you need your hands to follow the rythms written on the notes to plat a beautiful music. This way your brain sends information and your hands work accordingly while your eyes are on the note. This coordination can become a lot helpful in every part of your career.

During the initial days you might find it hard and get perplexed, as your eyes will remain on the notes and then immediately on the strings. But keeping up the practice will help you to master it pretty easily.


Well, initially you will be educated about the guitar and how to hold to play it swiftly. If you are someone who is rushing to play songs, then it is not a good time for you. During the initial times all you need is to pay attention to what the trainer is saying to you. You need to check the way he is playing and the things he is telling you just to make sure that you are able to understand the basics and then go accordingly.

The more you listen to them, the fewer problems you will face in future.

Barre chords are not easy at all:

Even when you will find it easy to play the basics, but the barre chords will need time to master. Basics will also feel harsh on the fingers and you might be able to feel the pain, but with time and practice, slowly you will master it. However, barre chords are tough. It requires more strength and will hit you hard. All you need is to keep pushing our limits and keep the practice just to make sure that you are able to master it.

Chord changing will not be swift in the beginning:

When the trainers will train you regarding the basics of guitar, they will also provide you knowledge about the best way to shift one chord to another. Initially changing the chords will not be swift and you will feel the change in tone or misplacement of fingers. However, this is attainable only when you do enough practice. Muscle training helps your fingers to find the right place so that you are able to swift much easily. Gradually it will not require you to look at the fret board to find the strings as your fingers will automatically find it.

guitar players

Staying motivated might seem challenging:

During the initial days, you might feel a lot motivated every time. Most of the times in a day, you will find yourself strumming with the strings without the knowledge on tunes or chords. This, however, once you take admission in a guitar school and start taking lessons, gradually it becomes a challenge to find the motivation. Instead, no more you will feel like to practice as playing the same chord again and again makes guitar not that excited. This is where you need to overcome the challenge and keep yourself going no matter how bad it seems.

Start reward program with yourself and keep up the practice. This way you will be able to stay on track.

Buying the wrong guitar:

Another big challenge especially for the beginner guitarist is choosing the wrong guitar. If you buy a guitar oversized, you will not be able to grab it properly resulting in not able to learn. Moreover the built quality matters the way it sounds and hence if you don’t find yourself great when it comes to choosing, it is always better to take an expert with you. They will be able to make the right choices and also tune up after buying so that you are able to play.

Well, these are some of the most common challenges faced by the beginner guitar players. However if you take admission in a guitar school, you will not need to face such challenges as there will be trainers to guide you throughout. Now Stradivari Strings is there to offer you the right training for electric guitar for beginners along with acoustic players. All you need is to take admission and start enjoying the lessons.

Remember, nothing happens overnight. You need to fight to live your dreams.