Learn To Play The Guitar

Designed for the absolute electric beginner, this step-by-step video tutorial covers the basic foundation in mastering the art of playing the electric.

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The electric guitar is such a cool musical instrument to rock and roll. It is also versatile enough to play other genre including pop, country music, jazz and blues.

Anyone can learn to play the electric guitar, Come and join us in this basic electric guitar course. We will cover:

  • 1   Introduction to the electric guitar and amplifier
  • 2   Reading Chord chart
  • 3   Basic chord shapes
  • 4   Reading rhythm slashes.
  • 5   Different rhythm pattern strumming
  • 6   Play to the song “Knocking on Heaven’s door” by Bob Dylan
  • 7   More chord shapes
  • 8   Arpeggiating chords
  • 9   Techniques – Bending and Vibrato

Subtitles are added to each video where applicable and music notation is also incorporated so that you can cross-reference practical to theory.

The contents of this beginner 1 course is covered over 12 lessons based on face to face coaching. Valued at US$500, this is now available at the special price of US$79

Once you have mastered the basics of this course, you can move on to our power-packed beginner 2 Electric Guitar course.

If you wish to enhance your electric guitar playing skills, contact Stradivari Strings to arrange live coaching (either face to face or online).


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  • What is the content of the best online guitar lessons?

    The best online electric guitar lessons are the ones which introduces you the basics of handling the electric guitar, the amplifier, basic strumming patterns, chords and strumming to popular songs. You can check out Stradivari String’s online electric guitar course here:

  • How can I teach myself to play the electric guitar with no lessons?

    You can try to teach yourself to play the electric guitar without online lessons. First, you need to get a set of electric guitar with amplifier, a metronome. Next you can observe how other guitarists perform and try to emulate that. If you find that you cannot improve further, you can try face to face guitar classes or online guitar class.

  • Can you learn electric guitar online?

    Not everyone lives in a location with access to a great guitar teacher. May have come to rely on the internet to learn to play the electric guitar online with weekly lessons. So yes, it is possible to learn the electric guitar online.

  • How many hours should I practice on electric guitar daily?

    If you are a beginner level student, half an hour to forty five minutes of daily practice is sufficient, in between your weekly online guitar classes. When you need to pick up more difficult playing techniques, or work through a performance level repertoire, you may need to extend your practice time to an hour or more per day.

  • Is it ok to start online electric guitar lessons first or acoustic guitar lessons?

    Some prefer to start acoustic guitar classes first to get an understanding of how the guitar works, before progressing to online electric guitar lessons. The acoustic guitar is lighter than the electric guitar so beginners may prefer the former first. Others prefer to just go direct to their musical instrument of choice if it is the electric guitar. The playing style as well as the handling between both types of guitar is different.