If you are someone who has decided to become a cello player recently, it is certainly a great step for you. The rich and warm tones produced by cello make it a great instrument which is in market since a long time now.

Do check out the recording of American cellist Leonard Rose, who was also the cello teacher of famous cellists Yo-Yo Ma and Lynn Harrell


Listening to the recording, you will appreciate the beautiful and mellow tone of the cello.

Even when the entire training has several things to learn, the initial few months are considered the most important months for the beginners. In this time, you will get to learn several things which will provide you the courage to continue taking the cello lessons further.

Since during the first few months, you will not be able to understand the wrongs and rights, to ensure that you follow the right way today we will focus on few do’s and don’ts. These will rather become tips for the beginners to able to put the correct step forward ad able to learn cello in the last time.

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Do make the right size selection of cello as per the size of your body. Like any other instrument from the family of violin, there is always a need for buying an instrument appropriate to your body size. The cellos are being crafted in different sizes to meet the needs. There are no mandatory rules that the cello you are thinking to buy needs to be most expensive, but it needs to be properly sized. It is always better to talk to the expert before buying.

Don’t rush into playing any tunes. Firstly you need to know that learning cello is a hard task and especially creating music in it. So initially in the first few months, pay attention on the basics rather than creating tunes.

Do pay attention in learning the way to tune the cello. This is a part of the training which you need to learn at an early age. These are a sensitive instrument to the environmental changed and depending o your needs you can tune it. Therefore, as a beginner all you need to do initially is to learn the way to tune. Improper tunes can change the entire tone and notes. Therefore being a beginner, before you spend time on practicing, make sure you learn the way to tune the instrument.

Don’t neglect paying attention on warming up. If you are a beginner, you need to know that playing cello is a lot physical. If you do not spend time on warming up your fingers, neck and arms, you might increase the risk on getting injured. Some can last for lifetime. The only way to get rid of it is but warming up muscles which will be used along with also maintain your posture and form. Also take breaks by stretching arms, back and fingers.

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Do rosin the bow before using. Make sure you apply rosin as it has a lot to do while playing the instrument. Too much will take effort to grip and too less will result in sliding off the strings. Remember the bowing needs to be easy and with practice; you will get to know how much rosin is needed on the bow.

Don’t just choose any school. Before you start taking the beginner cello lessons Singapore, you first need to make proper research on school. It is not easy to learn cello and hence you need professional guidance. So make sure you choose the school effectively for great results. Now you can choose Stradivari Strings in Singapore as they offer range of music lessons.

So these are some of the do’s and don’ts which you need to keep in mind while playing cello for the first time. Make sure you follow these few tips and rectify the mistake as early as possible. This will only help you to enjoy a better and brighter future.