Learning to play on a music instrument in a way, helps us to go to another alternative zone. Some people say this helps them to escape from the reality. Have you ever noticed the change in your mental condition when you play an instrument that you are good at? Even without you noticing, your mental stress tends to come done, and your nerves calm down.

Playing a music instrument comes with a lot of health benefits which includes strengthening the mental capacity, becoming self disciplined and spreading the joy through music. These are only a few of the many benefits, as research shows that playing any instrument has both emotional and physical benefits on the players.

Irrespective of the music instrument that you choose to play, you will need to take classes. If you are looking for beginner violin lessons, you can get in touch with Stradivari Strings and get closer to fulfilling your dreams.

violin lessons

So let’s dive into the benefits of playing music:

Physical benefits:

  • Immune Response: As per the article published by the Live Science, “playing music improves the immunological response that again enables to fight viruses.” This mainly happens when you start creating your own music. If you are thinking to help your kid from a very early age, violin lessons for kids offered by Stradivari Strings can become the right way to start. This will help them to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Deep breathings: Even when we have any knowledge about it, most of the time when we breathe is shallow. However when you are into activities like playing wind instruments or singing, it improves your breathings. This requires breathing from the diaphragm which strengthens the respiratory system and lungs.
  • Stress buster: When you are playing any instrument, it is actually bringing the energy along with focus more into the positive things. This again becomes a lot helpful in relieving the stress. When you stress level has been reduced, you can find reduced heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improved hearing: when you start learning an instrument, it tends to refine the hearing skills. Studies show those musicians are more skilled at picking specific sounds and voices even in a noisy environments.
  • Posture: Playing instrument can help you to correct your posture to a huge extent. Whether it is a guitar or a violin or other, you always need to sit straight and have the alignment proper. This becomes a habit and eliminates back pain and neck ache.

Emotional benefits:

  • Expression: If you are writing your own song pr playing for someone else, music is something that will allow you to express your emotions. You can choose your genre and express accordingly. As mostly we are unable to express our feelings, it results in making us feel suffocated and depression. Playing an instrument can definitely help to heal.
  • Therapy: Music is certainly a therapy that helps to get rid of stress, depression, and insomnia. This becomes a way for showing off your emotions to the world.

Mental benefits:

  • Coordination: When you are using your hands, fingers and feet at the same time following a specific pattern, you will be able to maintain coordination between every body parts. This can become a great help for people who suffer from sudden trembling, as with music they will be able to control the movements.
  • Concentration: When it comes to today’s generation, most of the young kids suffer a lot from concentration. They are not able to concentrate at one place and this is due to the processing of their brain. Since they tend to think a lot of stuff at once, it tends to take their concentration away. Music itself is alone to get rid of such issues. The tunes you play will be taking away other thoughts and help you to concentrate on it.

beginner violin lessons

So these are some of the major benefits of taking music classes from the schools. You can choose any instrument as per your needs but all you need is to first decide on what you would love to play.

There are several schools available these days that offer music classes but you can now choose Stradivari Strings as they offer violin classes for kids. They have several teachers and programs based on the level of the students. So do get in touch with them and play the violin like a pro.