It doesn’t matter if you want to have a career in music or just take violin lessons casually. Taking violin lessons Singapore allows any student to take on a variety of challenges head-on! They can handle any number of difficult situations without any hassle.

violin lessons Singapore

Today, we will tell you about four essential life skills you can learn with violin lessons.


Taking violin lessons Singapore brings on a sense of discipline in students. We all know that learning the violin takes a lot of practice. If you are a young student, starting off early with your violin lessons is much more beneficial. Young students often need the help of adults to set a schedule for their practice sessions. However, after they have passed the initial stage, the students must develop a consistent schedule. Once you can get a hold of your violin lessons, you will get to employ methods to produce top-notch results. Let’s take an example here. Some students like to practice after school and before completing their homework. Some students want to practice after completing their homework at the end of the day. There are again some students who like to practice early in the morning.

Also, students need to be focused during their practice sessions. This means that they need to keep their phones and laptops away during their violin lessons Singapore practice. Students should choose a private space, make a plan of action and implement the same during their practice sessions. All such strategies are ways of becoming more disciplined. You can apply these strategies during your exercise, budgeting, and of course, future careers.

Problem Solving Skills

Let us move on to how taking violin lessons increases one’s capability to solve problems efficiently. Practicing the violin enhances the students to solve problems without any hassle. Of course, you have the support of your violin teacher during your violin lessons. When you learn the violin, you can solve any problem and find the cause of the same. Let’s take another example here. Let’s say a violinist is facing some issues with a shift. Their violin teacher will ask questions to help the student recognize whether the problem is in the bow or left hand or both. From there, the teacher and the student would find out the issue together, whether the shift is too fast or too slow. Or maybe the bow is insufficiently supporting the sound. After the problem has been identified, the teacher will provide you with a suggestion on how to practice.

As the student progresses with their violin lessons, they would ask questions themselves. This will ensure that they can address the problem themselves to solve more problems. Of course, these problems would be solved outside their violin lessons Singapore time. This process of being able to identify the problem on your own is pretty amazing! Students can now find the appropriate solutions for their problems.


Taking violin lessons Singapore also teaches us to be resilient. During the classes, students can use their constructive criticism to improve themselves. They learn to absorb these critiques, not as a personal failing but as an opportunity for more musical growth. This is an essential part of the process of taking violin lessons Singapore.

However, students are often not able to take criticism positively. I often faced this issue which caused me to shut down instead of being receptive. Students need to be specific, honest, and kind to improve their playing without negative feelings involved. Any form of music is a personal art. It would feel bad when students hear that their presentation wasn’t up to the mark. Yes, it is true that there is always a scope for improvement, even when it comes to professional violinists. Thus, whether beginners or professionals, violinists need to be open to what they can learn from constructive criticism.

The world of music is pretty competitive. Some people would want you to fall. But learning to accept rejection is an integral part of being a musician. Instead of letting it discourage you, you need to learn to grow from the experience. This will help you to grow both as a violinist and as a person.


Last but not least, taking violin lessons helps boost confidence in students. If you have been taking violin lessons Singapore for quite some time now, you would see that you are very comfortable performing for family, friends, and audience members. Even if you are not aiming towards a career in music, managing nerves and projecting confidence under pressure is applied to all facets of life. Whether it is for homework, or an interview, knowing how to live with the feeling of nervousness and not fight it can keep violinists cool in all kinds of situations.

How Does Taking Violin Lessons Benefit Your Brain?

Expert musicians would always agree that taking violin lessons is quite a unique experience. It is also an incredibly beneficial activity for your brain.

Playing the violin helps the brain because music engages pretty much every part of the brain at the same time. When you use your motor skills, reading music, and multitasking, your functions get strengthened. Since violin lessons allow you to have both a creative pursuit and a very scientific and precise action, you are using both hemispheres of the brain. Violinists need to analyze what others are doing, keep rhythm, read and analyze music and in some cases, compose and improvise.

violin lessons Singapore

The cognitive and emotional functions of your memory also improve the functionality of your brain. Violinists’ brains are more likely to give memories multiple “tags.” This is just like a search engine. Memories and information are recalled without any hassle.

Ending Note

Taking violin lessons Singapore is quite beneficial. But the fact that new violinists often overlook these. Instead, they learn the instrument just for the sake of learning. However, your musical skills with the violin can have a profound and unique impact on the brain. Thus, violin lessons are beneficial for both adults and children.