Have you observed that your kid is mostly intrigued by learning an instrument? Are they always intrigued by the sound of a violin? If yes, as a parent, you need to understand their passion and urges. Since they are very small, we are unable to understand Their needs and wants. So, you as a parent would be required to keep an eye on your little ones and understand their liking and dislikes. If you have always found them getting intrigued by the sound of violin or music, it means that the little one would probably want to learn violin in later stages. Therefore you need to choose the right violin school Singapore to provide lessons to kids.

Being a kid, they might not be able to learn the violin so fast as they are new to this instrument. So this is also the reason why it requires kids to choose the right violin school Singapore with the best teachers who can provide violin lessons to kids. However, as you need to make sure that you choose the right music institution, you have to make sure you check a few things. Undeniably learning violin is hard, but we will specifically take a look into the common challenges faced by a kid who wants to learn violin.

The most common challenges faced by kids who want to learn violin. Once you understand the challenges that kids face, you will be able to understand why we always recommend parents to choose a violin school Singapore properly.

Challenges faced by kids while learning violin:

There is no denying the fact that learning violin for kids is extremely hard. However, it is not easy for adults as well. The challenges that we will mention might not be specific to kids, as adults also face the same kind of challenges. The main advantage of an adult is that they can grasp information more precisely compared to kids.

Unable to perfect the posture:

Even when this is a common problem faced by most beginner violinists, it is more for kids. As they are tiny, they’re unable to understand the correct way to sit on a chair. Most of the time, they are short to reach and correctly hold the instrument. As they have shorter arms, even when you find the right size violin, it becomes hard to Learn. Choosing a violin school Singapore that is attentive to perfecting posture is initially helpful.

Unable to properly hold the instrument:

As we all know holding this instrument is very different. As it requires the learners to place it on their arm and then play it with two hands, it requires kids to have it. However, since most kids lack patience, it becomes irritating or frustrating for them to hold the instrument.

Unable to play music for a long time:

Remember that as a violin is very challenging, it would require you to initiate a perfect posture and the correct way to hold this instrument. Until a learner understands the way to hold this instrument, it will remain challenging to play the different violin scales. Not only for kids, but it is very common among most weaknesses as they are unable to sound good for a long time.

Learning scales is extremely hard:

Even when they perfect their posture and learn the way to sit and hold this instrument, learning the different scales in the violin is the next big challenge for kids. However, As a parent, it is a must for you to encourage them so that they can learn and improve.

Losing patience:

One of the most common problems among kids is that they are unable to understand the seriousness. It requires learning an instrument like the violin. It takes a lot of patience to be able to learn and understand this instrument. As you start losing patience Due to being very small, it sometimes becomes impossible to make them learn this instrument. However, there is a need for a teacher in a violin school Singapore to create rewarding classes so that they remain motivated.

violin school Singapore

This is the reason why it is important for you to choose the right violin school Singapore that has the knowledge and experience of teaching kids. If you’re not sure how to decide on the music school, here are some of the best ways to understand.

Tips for choosing a Music school:

Take a look at the teachers:

There is no denying the fact that teachers are the building blocks when it comes to learning an instrument like the violin. Therefore, it is important for you to check the qualifications and experience of violin teachers while deciding on a violin school. Any music teacher with a lot of experience will understand the way to teach kids which will be beneficial in their journey.

Check the courses they provide to kids:

It is important for you as a parent to understand that the courses for violin lessons are completely different for kids compared to adults. As adults are mature and kids or not, it needs a music school to be very much experienced about the needs and requirements. Creating rewarding lessons is extremely important to keep the motivation in these little ones.

Availability of private lessons:

If you are not sure whether your kid will progress in a violin school Singapore, you can also start looking for private lessons. Remember that there are many schools that understand the need for private lessons. Provide this opportunity as well. So you must take a look At the availability and then choose.


Now that you have already learned about the many challenges faced by your kids and the way to choose a great violin school Singapore, it is time that you look for an institution and enroll in their name. Remember that it will be hard initially, but the more they keep learning, the better they will become. All you need is to make sure you choose the institution that has the best teachers who have experience in making kids learn this instrument.