Learning violin is obviously a great decision. Being a beginner can be a little bit challenging, but with the right Singapore violin teacher offered in the music institution, it becomes easier to achieve your goals. Only with the proper guidance provided by the teachers can it be possible for anyone who aspires to become a professional violinist to reach their desires.

However, before you choose to take part in the violin lessons provided by the Singapore violin teacher, it is crucial for you to choose the right violin. Without the instrument, it is not possible for you to start learning and taking the lessons. So the very first thing that you require doing when you have decided to take part in Singapore Violin lessons is to buy a good quality violin.

However, being a beginner who is not experienced in playing violin, it can be tough to make the right choice. So, it is vital for you to analyze a lot before you decide. Following are some of the significant pieces of advice that are provided to beginner violinists to help them make the right choice. So let us take a look at the things to pay attention to while choosing a violin for beginners.

Ensure it is a professional setup

Most of the violins present in the violin shop have been designed in a way to become comfortable for the players. However, one of the most common things neglected by violinists in the initial aspect of their lives as they are not much aware of the instrument is the setup. So, being a beginner, you have to make sure about the violin before you purchase it.

You need to be ensured that the violin you choose has been professionally set up so that you can start playing once you hold the instrument. This again means that the sound that it will provide will be very poor, and it would require you to spend more time understanding the way to adjust it.

Properly inspect the instrument to ensure proper adjustment so that you can correctly play the instrument. If you are unable to understand, it is always better to take help from an expert or professional to be able to make the right choice.

Choose the correct size

One of the most important things that you need to check while playing the violin is that you feel comfortable while playing the instrument. A beginner who wants to choose any instrument from a Singapore violin shop has the most chance of choosing the wrong size instrument. Remember that doing so will only lead to no improvement and physical pain. So make sure that you know the correct size for your age and height before choosing.

Singapore violin

These instruments are generally available in different sizes. Adults mostly require 4/4 size, which is the full-size violin. However, there are several other standard sizes, including 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. But if you’re looking for even smaller sizes, you can find 1/16, 1/10, and ⅛. It is always better to take the violinist while buying a violin to understand the correct size them.

However, if you think that you can buy a large-sized violin, as eventually, it will become handy, it is not a great decision. Remember that it might be valuable in later times, but initially, you will face problems which can result in leaving your passion.

Don’t cross your budget

When you visit a Singapore violin shop, you are immediately provided with a vast range of choices. All the different kinds of violins showcased in the shop can be really intriguing. But, since you have just started learning the instrument, it is not a good choice to go for high-priced Violin. Initially, you can choose the standard violins that will help you to practice.

Instead of choosing highly-priced instruments, look for the cheaper ones initially. However, you can always change the violin when you slowly progress. It is better to choose a reasonably priced instrument rather than initially choosing a high-priced violin.

While the kids grow, and they take violin lessons, they become better, then you can choose a good violin. Remember that initially you aren’t required to select professional violins, but standard instruments will do the right job. Make sure that these are available at reasonable prices for you to change to a professional violin.

Ask about the warranty

Always make sure about the warranty provided by the violin shop as you are investing quite a massive sum of money. Most of the violin shops offer warranty for violins, but staying assured about it is always peace of mind.

So, while you research the best Singapore violin shop, make sure to ask about the availability of a warranty and the number of months they provide for the violins. When an instrument is warranted by the shop, it gives the assurance that investing money in the instrument can be a good choice.

Find a reliable violin shop

So, these are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind in a Singapore violin shop to buy an instrument. You can start your search online and look for the best violin shops available near you. You might find a lot of choices, but make sure to read the ratings and reviews before you choose.

Always make sure that the instrument shop is available to help you thoroughly. With a good number of ratings and reviews, the shop will share an excellent reputation in the market. Making sure about the shop before visiting is always the right decision.