Due to the worldwide pandemic, many teachers giving violin lessons shifted to online platforms for their classes. Unfortunately, the situation has been a lot worse since the start of 2020 and hasn’t yet subsided.

Anyone who has taken online violin lessons would understand the difference. It is simply not as exact as in-person lessons. Online platforms such as Zoom allow students and teachers to stay connected and continue their long-term goals and plans.

But again, wouldn’t it be nice to go back to in-person violin lessons Singapore? The reason why we prefer such lessons is due to the ease of learning. When you go for in-person violin lessons, it becomes easier to hear, see, and fix hand positions. Also, during these lessons, students get to play duets, chat while walking in the door to be together.

Thus, the question comes up “Is it time to go back to in-person teaching?”

The most probable answer would be, “It depends.” Let’s take an example here and consider that you are living in New Zealand. Here, the worldwide pandemic has considerably subsided; thus, in-person violin lessons seem reasonable. There are various parts in Singapore where a decline in the numbers of Corona patients is seen. It might just be possible for students to return to their in-person violin lessons. Proper precautions need to be maintained, such as distancing, plexiglass screens, hand-washing, etc.

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What Makes In-Person Violin Lessons So Unique?

Being in Singapore, you must already know that in recent weeks the Government has relaxed restrictions. These businesses have started to open up slowly, maintaining proper precautions. Many violin teachers have gone back to having in-person violin lessons. Wearing masks, washing hands, holding the classes outdoors and at a distance, and much more. Such things are kept in check before conducting violin lessons in Singapore.

However, teaching in-person violin lessons remains a risky and inconvenient proposition for many. Here is why:

The virus has spread through many parts of Singapore. We all know that it is not going away anytime soon. If kept unchecked, this virus has the potential to spread at an exponential rate. In April, the worldwide pandemic reached a peak in various parts of the world. This includes Singapore too! The proliferation of the virus in Singapore, the lack of contact tracing and testing, and the two-week incubation period for the virus make it very hard to tell whether the students taking violin lessons are safe.

Thus, the teacher and student would need to take extraordinary precautions. This is to prevent transmission of the virus during in-person violin lessons. One would need to adhere to that level of safety precautions to free the students from any risk. With such precautions and in-person lessons, the whole thing can be pretty unpleasant. This is more difficult than simply having online violin lessons.

Precautions Needed During In-Person Violin Lessons

To provide you with a brief idea of the level of precautions required, here is a list of recommendations. These precautions need to be maintained while taking violin lessons with the students.

Work from home is always preferred. Be it violin lessons Singapore or an office job, as a matter of social responsibility, WFH is chosen.

There is a high risk for the violin teacher and others with whom they come in contact. Since the lessons go on for 30 minutes or more, with various people in the room, things can turn sideways at any time.

For every 15 minutes during your violin lessons, there is a 15% chance of catching the virus. The more time you spend in the same air space, the more chances you get it.

There should be proper air circulation during the violin lessons Singapore. The air should be out of the floor, up to the ceiling, and then out of the room.

If man people share the room for more than 15 minutes, they must wear N95 masks. The mask needs to fit correctly with an ideal seal.

The room should have open windows and always a good airflow.

Students should do health checkups before joining violin lesson Singapore. This includes checking temperature and answering a few questions before coming in. The students should not have a fever, difficulty breathing, congestion, fatigue, or muscle aches. If they do, then they must not come to the violin lessons Singapore.

The teacher would need to decontaminate the room after each person. They would have to wait for 15 minutes to let the room dry and air out.

Taking violin lessons this way is pretty tricky at times.

Problems Faced During In-Person Violin Lessons

Setting up an outdoor studio after this pandemic is quite challenging! Since there would be frequent rescheduling of the classes due to rain and other natural calamities. It is also pretty tough to take violin lessons while wearing a mask. The whole situation is quite stressful and is rather complex in terms of logistics. Moreover, there are many issues that a lot of teachers face during their violin lessons. Thus, they prefer online classes.

Since the online violin lesson is going on for quite some time now, students have nicely adapted to the whole process. Thus, you need not worry about anything in either in-person lessons or online lessons.

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We look forward to that day when things would become pretty standard during the violin lesson. The efficiency of in-person lessons is vast, but unfortunately, that day has not arrived yet. One should never give up on practice when it comes to violin lessons Singapore. Always make sure that you keep practicing, learning, teaching, and playing your instrument. It would be best to do this out of fun and not feel like you are bound to practice!

We need to protect our fellow neighbors and do our best to bring this worldwide pandemic to an end! Yet again, many students look forward to face-to-face violin lessons. But, of course, it would happen only when the time is right!

Keep Playing and Have An Amazing Practice Session!