Now that you have landed here because you are about to start the violin lessons, let us find out some time to help you face the reality.

Well, no doubt that you have heard from everyone that learning violin is hard and properly you have set your mind that you are going to achieve the goals by hook or by crook.

Indeed! You are right but just to keep it real for you let us try to give you some realistic knowledge. Well, this is especially for the beginner who has high hopes and just to make sure that you do not lose your hopes and keep the dedication alive no matter how much hardships you face.

Nevertheless, coming back to the topic, let us now come back to the topic and find out some of the most common things that you should learn prior to starting with the violin lessons.

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Remember, you will literally suck in the first place!

Don’t worry dear! This is common! All of us are terrible at playing violin in the first place.

You might find that your friends will be talking of the way they like to play the beautiful sound of the airy violin or maybe you can find such phrases in the poems. It sounds amazing, right but the reality is you are definitely not going to figure it out in the first few days when you are beginning.

Do you know the possible reason for this? Why are you not able to play the violin like a pro in the first place? Probably because you are sitting in the most unnatural and uncomfortable position that is having an impact on the playability.

So, at the first place when you are playing and producing some of the most absurd sounds, you need to check on the posture and the way you are holding your bow. All you need is to take the violin lessons Singapore and follow the instructions provided by the experts and repeat them until you are no more producing the even worse sound than mosquito buzzes.

Your violin can sometimes be noisy:

If you are able to listen to the scratchier and noisy things while you are playing violin, don’t worry. It is not your fault as even professional violinists face such kind of noisy and scratchy sounds but then again there is again something great to it.

Just take your time and think about the way a violin is held. You will find the F holes from where the sound is being produced are hardly a few inches from your left ear. This is the reason why there are many cases where the violinist tends to experience hearing issues because of the placement of F holes near to the ear.

In most of the cases, you will find the violinists sitting in the last seat especially when they are playing a solo piece in some concert hall. Therefore, due to the dampening ambiance of the concert hall, sometimes you will be able to hear the crack and scratch sounds but the audience will be able to listen to the beautiful piece.

You need to take care of your violin:

Even when hardly, anybody will tell you, there is a need for you to respect and love your violin just like you do for any other things or people in your home. Maintenance is the key to sound good and especially when it is your violin. Your instrument deserves much time on care and maintenance. When the violinist starts playing, you will find them tightening their bow which becomes a habit in sometime. After this, you will find them applying something on it. You will find them having a curve which needs to be let loose after use. Simply turn the knob and loosen until the next time.

The thing that most violinists apply on the bow is known as rosin. Most of the time, bow hairs are slippery and would not make any sound on their own. Without proper friction it won’t be able to produce the sound and the sticky rosin work like a catalyst which triggers friction. After using, a residue is left on strings which requires cleaning. You also need to wipe the violin just to make sure that you have wiped off the rosin in the instrument.

Make sure you are not using any alcohol but you can use the lint-free cloth to wipe off the rosins and keep the instrument clean.

These are only a few things that you need to know when it comes to maintaining the instrument. Beyond learning, cleaning plays a huge role in enjoying longevity.

violin lessons

You must accept that even a kid can play better than you do:

If you have just started to take the violin lessons and you have competitors or masters who are way younger to you, don’t feel ashamed. There is no age for passion and hence you can learn from someone who is 10years younger to you and it is just because they have been taking violin lessons for a long time now.

There is no age to learn an instrument and you must be open to learning irrespective of focusing on the age.  Don’t get discouraged, instead you must absorb the energy that kids have which you are lacking. They might become the best mate for you.

Violin is all about challenges, so start accepting it!

So now that you have checked about the challenges that you might face in the course of your violin lessons, you must be ready to face and overcome them with full energy and excitement. Remember no one has come this far without facing any hassle as nothing comes easy. You need to pay for what you have or else you are never going to get it.

Therefore, start taking the violin lessons Singapore and make sure you follow the guidelines and approaches offered by the instructor to be able to enjoy a great future. Remember these are only some challenges as there will be many in the course of learning.

Remember to keep going if you want to achieve your goals.