When someone starts taking violin lessons Singapore, the very first thing that comes to their mind is how much time they need to learn violin. If you want to know how quickly you can learn the violin, you must understand that there is no fixed answer to this. All you require is to follow the steps provided by the violin teacher and trust the process. Remember that everything will ultimately fall into place. You will also start playing the instrument like everyone, but it is just a matter of time.

All you need is to pay attention to perform your task and not think about the results. But how many years exactly does one require to play an instrument like a violin? This is a common question, asked mainly by beginners along with some advanced learners as well. The answer is straightforward, it depends on a lot of factors like the amount of practice, how much you are improving, and your talent. A lot of factors actually play a huge role in and while learning violin.

The amount of time that you will take to learn violin after taking violin lessons Singapore strongly depends on two major things. How much time you’re putting into learning the violin and how much time you’re investing into practicing. Remember that both work hand-in-hand. If you take violin lessons Singapore from a reputed music institution and you don’t practice it at home, it is not going to be helpful. It requires you to pay a similar effort to be able to make gradual improvements.

On the other hand, if you are practicing, but you’re not making much progress, it might be because you’re going too slowly. So you have to make sure that you practice for at least 40 minutes every day for your practice session. You should exercise everything that you learned in violin lessons Singapore.

How much you are improving in learning, the instrument significantly differs from one individual to another. It depends a lot on age, learning, skill, and talent. However, irrespective of every factor, it largely depends on you.

What can be effective for adults?

Adult violin learners who have just enrolled in your name for violin lessons Singapore do not realize that adult violin lessons are immensely different from violin lessons for kids. If you think that being an adult is an advantage for you, as you can quickly learn the instrument, it is not true when it comes to learning an instrument.

Just like any other thing, when it comes to learning, you need to be very patient. You should not rush to get a result as learning. An instrument requires you to pay attention to a lot of things. You get improvements and better with time through practice.

Apart from this, as adults are mostly experienced and already know a lot about things, they require theoretical understanding more than practical. So in the violin lessons Singapore for adults, teachers will primarily provide theoretical lessons to help you implement while learning.

Learning violin has no magical formula or no quick steps that will instantly help you perform. It requires practice, dedication, time, and patience.

violin lessons Singapore

Remember that there is no age to learn an instrument. Irrespective of your age, if you have started taking violin lessons Singapore, don’t get discouraged.

However, you must follow some basic rules if you want to master an instrument like a violin.

Fundamental rules to master the violin:

Being very patient:

The first and the most effective formula that works on any instrument or in any field is being patient. Remember that nothing happens within a second, or there is no magical formula. Everyone has their own speed of learning, and it is pretty different from one to another. There is a need to understand these for adults.

There are many people who start giving up because they are not able to understand the time they had to put into learning something new, like a violin. All you require is to be passionate enough and focused on learning the instrument and keep going until you achieve your goals.

Remember, “slow and steady always wins the race.”

Create a plan:

If you are an adult and you’re about to learn something as hard as a violin for the first time, it is always recommended to create a plan. Whether you have some advanced knowledge or it is the first time you have to hold the instrument, creating a proper plan for practicing sessions is extremely important. Your planning should include the goals and timetables along with rewards. That would constantly help you to get encouragement.

As it is not easy to handle all the other responsibilities and follow your passion, creating a proper plan can be helpful in such a scenario. So make sure that you keep a practice session every day and avoid any kind of distractions in that particular time frame. Never fail to practice, as it will only lead you to fail in your goals.

As it goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


When you have started taking violin lessons Singapore from a renowned music institution with experienced teachers, you will start paying attention to the techniques and posture. It is essential for every beginner to pay attention to the lessons provided by the teachers. However, just taking classes would not help as you have to practice them to perfection.

So, prepare yourself to practice on a regular basis. Make sure to encourage yourself to practice in your leisure time and perfect yourself to become better.

“Only practice makes a man perfect.”

Bottom line:

So remember that there is no fixed time frame that we can tell you when it comes to getting an answer about how much time it takes to learn violin. However, if you choose the right music institution to learn violin lessons Singapore, you will be able to enjoy more improvements and get encouragement.

Make sure to choose a renowned music institution offering great violin lessons Singapore to adults for fast improvement.