Do you listen to violin when you are sitting idle? Do you enjoy the tune of violin? Well, o doubt that most of us love to listen to the tune of this string instrument. This known string instrument is popular for its amazing tune that can touch the hearts. This is considered as the smallest of all the instruments in the family of string instruments and also one of the most popular choices among children.

Even it is said that listening to violin has many therapeutic benefits on the listeners, Watching the way the violinists play along with the tune it is able to create, no doubt there are meant who wants to become a known violin player and your visit to this page is a clear sign that you are also one of them.

It is considered that if you have played other instruments, then this is much easier to master. However, despite of your musical background, to master the art of playing a violin you can to maintain a level of discipline. Other than this, dedication, commitment, and hardwork are some of the common skill required for playing violin.

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No matter whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will always have to learn certain things. Knowing the common mistakes while playing violin can become helpful to walk on the right path and acquire success.

So today we will have a look at the common mistakes that you need to avoid while playing violin.

Become a teacher yourself without knowing much about it.

Often people decide to indulge into something but never make proper investigation about it. If you think learning violin by yourself, unfortunately it is not a great decision. You might be thinking to puck a manual or you choose to watch a video helping you to learn violin, the deal is, are you sure the video is enough to provide you with the knowledge?

When it comes to playing violin, you always need to seek help from the professionals with skill and experience. A professional instructor from the violin school is always a need for the aspiring people, as they will help you in the entire process of mastering violin.

Buying a violin that is not right for you

If you are in this sector for a long time, you will probably be aware that violins are available in eight major sizes. This therefore makes it important to find out the right size for you. If you don’t know how to understand the right fit then you need to measure it. Start from your neck and measure the palm or wrist of your hand. Depending on the measurement, you can make the choice.

Besides, violins are available in variable brands along with different levels of knowledge. This includes professionals, intermediate, and students – the three prime categories.

Initially know in which category do you belong and then choose the right fir. DO not waste money on wrong instrument. Playing a violin is more like tennis as it required equipment that fits perfectly.

Make sure you check many and then choose one.

Poor Posture:

If someone said that having flexible wrist and string shoulder is enough to play and become a master of violin, then trust me it is more than your imagination. Undoubtedly these are require, but playing violin requires all the muscles present in the neck region, shoulder back, arms and also the core area. The upper arms generally get a good workout.

All you need is to sit straight and keep the feet firmly on ground so that you get the stability to manage the core area. In your initial days, you might require reminding yourself about sitting properly and maintaining the posture. Overtime with practice, you will start learning the posture and strengthen the muscles.

Ignore the elbow message:

Even before we feel sick, our body notifies us about it. When fatigue sets, it weakens the arms and as a result the elbow drops. When this is happening, take a break. Rather than keeping on playing violin without paying attention to the elbow fatigue, you should exercise in order to develop the muscles.

If you keep continuing to play the violin, it will result in affecting your ability to play and can even lea to injury. Always make sure that the bow is pulled with the elbow not the shoulder.

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Misuse of the bow:

Being reckless and rough on the bow is not something that will work. The music that comes out of the instrument depends on the way both the strings and bow connects. When you put the right pressure on string, it will help you to glide with ease. This way the violin will be able to produce better and sweeter sound. Bow exercise is a need to mater the technique.

Failing to choose the right music school:

While there are so many choices available in the market, there are several instances where the students suffered due to selection of a wrong music school. Always make sure that the school has a great background and right trainers. Stradivari Strings is a known violin school in Singapore that offers great lessons to the aspiring students.

So these are some of the most common mistakes that the students need to avoid if they are willing to learn violin. Mastering this string instrument will take years and therefore it is always recommended to choose the right school and follow the steps. DO not move fast and make sure you are avoiding these mistakes to be able to become a successful violinist in future.