When it is about violin learning, there are a lot of struggles that the new violinists need to go through. Starting from the music theory to the proper posture, when it is about violin learning, the challenges are certainly going to keep you on your toes. Whether you are taking online classes or moving to the school, or taking private classes, learning new skills means mistakes will show up in the process. Mistakes can start from buying the wrong violin from the violin shop to the habits, which is why attention is much needed.

Mistakes are very normal, and it actually reveals that you are learning, and as long as you are not making it your habit, it is acceptable. However, if you dont check these habits, it can actually result in snatching your ability to learn and master the violin. Therefore in this blog, we will focus on the best practice by checking the most common mistakes made by beginners. Make sure you pay special attention to your mistakes or go for the violin lessons.

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Bad posture:

When it is about a violin, it is not only about the arms and hands as there are different other organs of your body that play a role in the playing. Whether you pay attention to it or not, your neck and your back have a similarly crucial role to play in the playing too. The back muscles offer support and strength to the arms that will play the violin. This is why proper posture is required while learning.

This is always advised to take special care as if you keep extending the posture, and it might result in hampering the playability along can contribute to physical injuries like scoliosis and pulled muscles. Developing such conditions can hamper your physical ability and which is why a good violin teacher is a need for beginners.

Wrong instrument:

When we ask you to buy the right violin, we recommend you to really pay attention to its quality. This is not a sales call or for promotion, but if you buy from a violin shop Singapore, make sure you start looking for a great instrument. The reality is finding a good violin is tough as if you have a very little budget, a violin would hardly fit in it.

When we say quality, it means the total construction of this instrument. Not only the craftsmanship or the wood quality needs to be top-notch, but also there is a need for high-quality fittings and better sound-producing quality. This is especially for beginners as a poor quality would not help them to progress and can result in quitting.

Elbow room:

There are many violinists who are observed to get tired when they play for a longer span of time. You must start paying attention to the elbow as most of the time, it starts from the right form, but with time, it will start coming closer to the body. This happens when you play with for a stretch of time. The right form is to keep the elbow away from your body as this will help you to keep the violin in the correct position.

In case your arms start feeling tired, which is very normal, you can take a quick break to lose the muscles. As the real need is to hold the violin properly for playing it for a stretch of time. In the beginning, you might not be able to hold it properly or for the stretch, but with practice, you will build the strength, and your elbows will be able to stay higher without pain.

Ignoring technical applications:

Even when in the world of music, reputation does not have many places, but the chances are always there that once can always keep repeating the same thing again and again. There is no doubt that violin playing is difficult and having a complete understanding of the technical application is the prime part of this course.

This is therefore asked to take a little time off the practice and pay attention to its technicalities along with the way to use them. It is also the prime focus of the teacher to keep an eye on the way you are playing, and if you are able to pay attention to its technicalities. If you want to judge yourself, the best is to record your practice and then watch it again to judge your own mistakes. This way, you can take care of the technical mistakes if you are making.

Bow problems:

Do you find that the sounds of each note sound choppier? Are you want a smooth and nice sound, but you are failing to do it? If you find that even after doing a lot of things but still the violin is not sounding smooth, you might need to take a look at the way you are bowing. For most beginner violinists, learning to use the bow can be a big challenge as they mostly start attacking the strings instead of gliding.

If you are hitting the strings and not gliding, the sound will be choppier, but when you do it gracefully, it can offer a musical tone with more fluid rhythms. This is the reason why in the violin classes, bowing exercise plays a major part as it helps the beginners know the way to master the motion in order to acquire a great tone from the violin.

Improper maintenance:

Every instrument with regular use tends to go through wear and tear. This, again, can affect the most important aspect, which is the playability. This is why it is asked to maintain the violin along with its bow to be able to achieve the best tunes every time you play it.

Try using a cloth to rub dust and rosin on the strings. Also, do not forget to rub the strings easily with a cotton cloth to keep the dust away.

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Bottom Line:

Making a mistake is normal and acceptable, but if you don’t choose to take care of it at your early stage, it can seriously damage your playability. If you are looking for a violin for sale, you can now check the violin shop Singapore as they have some well-built violins for beginners to experts.