With  the endless names of violin shop available in the market, deciding on the one that is reliable which offers quality range of violin can be a hard choice.

As a new and beginner level violin learner, you will definitely look forward to buying something which offers value for money. On the other hand, you would definitely want to avoid buying something really cheap, as this range does not lasts long and sounds bad.

Luckily it is not that hard to judge if the violin is not great and is made of cheap quality.

However we need to go through this in more detail. Previously we have mentioned some of the most common things that show that you are using a cheap quality violin. Therefore, make sure you read this blog and then inspect to determine if the violin is cheaply made or not. Make sure you check the quality thoroughly when you are purchasing the range of violin for sale.

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So, what are the signs of cheap violins?

Tuning pegs which slip:

Sometimes cheap violins come with tuning pegs that do not stay in their place. When you have a slipping peg, you must know that it can result in loose strings. This makes it hard for you to figure where to place your fingers on the fingerboard for the correct intonation. As such I would advise any student to ensure that the tuning pegs are properly hand fitted by a trainer luthier. But if you are reading this article with the violin with slipping pegs in hand, don’t worry, the situation can be rectified.

There are different reasons to experience slipping pegs and which include large holes of the pegbox, incorrect size of the tuning peg, and changes in temperature or humidity levels. The situation can be fixed by making sure that pegs fit properly in the hole. You can visit the violin shop to fix the issue.

Very tight tuning pegs:

There are times when one cannot turn the tuning pegs at all, no matter how much strength one uses. In the same way, you must know that you should avoid buying such an instrument. However, if again you have this violin, you still have to get your violin serviced.

One of the biggest reasons for a tight peg can be the high humidity level. With the rise in moisture level, the wood or tuning pegs start swelling slightly. The addition of moisture results in causing the tuning pegs to expand and eventually getting stuck in the peg box.

Such problems can be resolved by making use of the peg compound which works as a lubricant. This prevents the pegs from getting stuck to the pegbox hole and ensure that the pegs can be turned easily.

Other seasoned musicians refer to these issues as roughening of the peg surface. Most commonly sandpaper will resolve the issue. However, if you are not willing to use sandpapers on the pegs, there is always a need for removing them from the pegbox first. All you have to keep in mind is that over sanding can result in changing its size.

While you are looking for the instrument from violin shop Singapore, consider checking each and every part to ensure you are making a good investment.

Uneven fingerboard:

Some of the cheap violins can be identified by focusing on the fingerboard. If you have a violin that consists of an uneven fingerboard, this can be due to the material of the fingerboard (it could be just normal wood painted black and not ebony) or due to long time playing on the violin. You can check if your fingerboard is uneven by placing a ruler along the fingerboard. If you can see a gap between both, then the fingerboard is not straight and needs to be planed flat.

If the fingerboard is curved and not straight, you will find that the gap between that and the violin strings is too wide. Hence pressing on the violin strings will be uncomfortable.

Joint Gaps:

While handcrafting these beautiful and exquisite masterpieces, the luthiers make use of a special glue that is unbelievably strong. These glues are essentially created for the use in instruments to hold and attach the other widen plates required to keep the violin together.

Making sure the adhesive used in these handcrafted instruments is sturdy enough to hold and retain the seams where the attachments with plates are attached with ribs. Therefore, how to understand the quality of violin has dropped? It is always advisable not to buy violins online but from violin shop Singapore, as this way, you will acquire better and efficient results.

You will find the instrument will consist of open seams and also split plates.

Creaking Sounds:

Another very basic way to understand if the violin is made with great quality or not by checking their sound. Even with gentle pressure, you will find that the violin is making cracking sounds. The reasons for the cracking sound can be many and one of the most common is because of the presence of gaps in between the seams and joints or improper wounding of the pegs.

It is best if you check it while buying from the violin shop as any issues can be resolved then and thereby the luthier.

Falling bridge:

If you find the bridge is constantly moving, falling, or toppling, this problem can persist due to several reasons which include improper wounding of strings or wrong positioning and shape of the bridge. There is always a need for the violin bridge to stand upright and line evenly with fingerboard.

The positioning should be done in a way that when you look from its side, it should be at an angle of 90 degrees. When the angle is not maintained, there are always some chances of falling over or shifting, or falling from the violin.

You also must be sure that the strings are installed correctly along with the bridge that has the correct shape and size.

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Missing Sound Post:

Inside every violin, you will find the soundpost which is a wood piece available in a cylindrical shape. This is placed by creating friction between both the bottom and top plates which is just beneath the foot.

Not only this serves as a support to its structure but also it alters and affects the tone of the instrument by changing its patterns on plates. When the violin does not consist of this piece, the vibration does not get transferred thereby having a significant negative impact on its resonance.

Bottom Line:

When it is about buying an instrument for the first time, you will certainly not want to invest in something unworthy. You might not have a big budget but when you invest in something, you need to ensure that every penny is going to something worthy of it.

Therefore, check the mentioned points while buying from violin for sale to make sure you are choosing a quality violin.