The guitar itself is one of the most famous instruments among musicians. In a concert with your favorite musician, you will always find a guitarist. The most fantastic thing about a guitarist is that they are always able to grab the limelight with their style and knowledge. However, when it comes to learning acoustic guitar Singapore, it is definitely a great choice. But, just like any other instrument, an acoustic guitar requires proper lessons and knowledge.

Therefore, taking lessons for acoustic guitar Singapore from the best teachers can help you understand several techniques and play music. If you have already learned guitar, the acoustic guitar would be easy for you. However, for beginners, it can be a little bit challenging. Before we find out more about the things to check while buying an acoustic guitar, we will take a look at some of the most common benefits of learning this instrument.

The guitar is more than learning an instrument

When you start taking guitar lessons, not only do you become a great guitarist, who is able to play different techniques and styles readily, but also you are able to learn different styles. With a guitar being a versatile instrument, it becomes easier for any musician to play different genres of music. Apart from you being a musician, do you know that guitar can improve your hand and eye coordination?

This is true. As you require using your eyes to read the chords and music while using your hands to play the chords, it slowly improves your hand and eye coordination. As you have to use your brain more frequently than any other thing, brain activity increases. So, it is highly effective in improving your memory retention skills. The more you start playing guitar, the better you become.

Apart from this, learning guitar gives you a sense of accomplishment. It makes you become confident in yourself. As you are able to improve in each step of learning an instrument, it gives you the confidence to fight against any battle. This is highly beneficial in your professional and personal life as well. So whether you are an adult who is willing to take lessons for acoustic guitar Singapore, you can enjoy a similar number of benefits like the kids would.

Crucial things to keep in mind while buying an acoustic guitar

Make sure of the size:

Before you choose a guitar, it is important to pay attention to its size. It is true that learning to play the guitar and going to the advanced level is extremely very hard but not impossible. However, it can become impossible if you choose an instrument that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Different sizes of the guitar will sound different as it uses different parts. No two guitars would sound the same.

So, when you decide to take lessons for acoustic guitar Singapore, the very first thing that you need to understand is that there are a couple of options available for acoustic guitars.

Jumbo –

It is generally considered and categorized among the big instruments, which are specially chosen by musicians who are primarily into country music.

Concert –

These guitars have a size of almost 13 inches of body. This is specially chosen by musicians with small sizes and hands.

Auditorium –

This is a little bit bigger compared to the concert but offers excellent sound and volume to musicians.

Travel or mini –

This is a common size of guitar that is practically chosen by people who are mostly into traveling or need a small guitar.


This is again another variant that has a body size of approximately 20 inches. It is mainly chosen by people who are into bluegrass and other similar genres.

If you are unable to decide which is the right choice of acoustic guitar Singapore for you, it is always better that you try before you choose. If you are planning to buy online, it is better to test your friend’s guitar or your relative’s to find out the proper dimension and then choose. You have to always make sure about the comfort if you want to play the instrument properly.

Make sure of the tonewood:

You always have to keep in mind while buying an instrument like a guitar that when you choose a bigger guitar, it will have better volume and more projection. However, this is not the only factor that you need to pay attention to when it comes to deciding on the sound and volume of an acoustic guitar.

acoustic guitar Singapore

Tonewood is generally used in acoustic guitar bodies, and it is available in different models. It provides different characteristics, sound quality, and build and feels a lot different from others. You can find several varieties of tonewood choices available in the market. Some of the most commonly used tonewoods Include the following.


It is almost similar to and commonly used tonewood named Sapele, which has great treble. It goes great with other instruments as it can easily adjust and mix with other music.


This is a common choice as it is somewhere between Maple and Sapele. This is a common choice of tonewood if you are looking for a defined and strong sound with a greater boost in the high sounds.


This tonewood is known for being durable and lightweight with a high range.


When you compare it with other types, this variant is known for being very soft.

Being a beginner, you can choose any kind of tone wood as it would not really matter initially. However, if you are in the advanced levels, it will require you to buy according to the genre of music that you choose to play.


These are some of the technical details that you have to pay attention to while deciding on an acoustic guitar Singapore. It is always better to get hold of an experienced music shop where you can get expert help. Their expertise and knowledge can be incredibly beneficial in helping you to make the right choice according to your budget. However, if You Are a beginner player, it is better not to look into many technical details and look for a basic budget-friendly instrument. So choose correctly to play the instrument seamlessly.