If you are willing to become a violinist, the very first thing even before you start violin classesis that you need a good quality violin from a violin shop. You could possibly start off with a beginner level violin and do baby steps to upgrade it to something from the intermediate or advanced level range, when you have progressed to higher playing level. The range of violin in terms of tone quality, playability, comfort in playing the instrument — is very wide. It can be mind boggling. As such, a novice student should do a lot a research before deciding what range to go for.

Therefore, in this blog, we will focus on everything that you will need to know while buying an advanced level violin.

Do  make it a point to go through the following parameters before deciding which violin to select. This is to minimize buyer’s regret. Ultimately, we want to be sure that your shopping experience towards selecting your first violin is a great one.

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Look for a reputed dealer or an authorized music store:

While digital purchase has become one of the most common ways of buying things, it is not wise to select a musical instrument like the violin, online. In other words.  the internet or online shop is not a good choice to buy a violin. You must be able to play on the violin, hear it and feel in, before you decide it you can connect with it. Do choose from a reputable musical instrument shop with many years of operational experience. In your vicinity, I am sure that you can find a violin shop which offers unmatched quality violin with great after sales service.

If you are an experienced musician, you will know that it is crucial to play the violin before buying from the luthier or the professional sales person in the store. Only by trying out the violin, can you judge its quality and ask the right questions.

Moreover, if someone has recommended you to buy a violin, you need to do your own due dilligence before buying it. Find a reputable luthier in your area, and send the violin to him/ her to assess the musical instrument. The areas the luthier will check include ascertaining if there are any deep cracks in the violin, the position of the sound post, whether the bridge is still set up straight, whether the tuning pegs can be turned easily and so forth. This is important so as to ensure that you do not get a lemon in your hands.

Some musical instrument stores also have a selection of antique violin which have been restored in perfect playing condition. You can certainly select your violin there.

Each violin is unique:

You must know that each and every violin has a very unique sound and different personality. Every violin has a different tonal quality. Even the top violins that are made by the world’s best violin makers do not sound the same. This is the reason why you need to be present to understand the sound that actually intrigues you. Someone who feels a tone to be the best might not sound great to you and which is why you need to have knowledge of tones and violin. Make sure that you feel right when selecting your violin.

Many people will say many things, but all you need is to make sure that your ears remain closed and you do not let others’ opinions affect you. The tonal quality is completely a personal choice, and therefore whichever tone you feel soothing to your ears and feel the connection, you can go for it. You can find options in the shops offering violin for sale.

Check on servicing policy:

Once you have selected your violin, find out from the shop on the policy with regards to repair in the future. Like driving a car, we need to send the car to be serviced once every six months. Playing the violin is similar in this situation. The vibrations caused by the violin bow running across the violin strings, the daily tuning of the violin via the tuning pegs, the pressure of the left fingers pressing down on the finger board — all these factors and more, contribute to the wear and tear of the musical instrument.

Check the price:

Most people struggle to buy a violin because of the price. This is one of the biggest challenges that people are not able to overcome and which is why you can also choose to rent the instrument.

Violins are probably one of the most expensive instruments, especially when you are looking forward to buying an advanced instrument. You may not necessarily have the budget to get a high end one. In case you are not able to afford the new one, you can always choose to rent one or buy a second-hand violin. Do be aware that rental is short term in thinking as every month which you pay towards the rental, does not go into owning the violin. You may also think out of the box and discuss with the shop on other creative ways so you can own the violin in the long term.

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Finding the correct size:

When it is about a violin, finding the right size of a violin is extremely important. While choosing from a music shop, this becomes a good step as there are professionals who can guide you in finding the right size.

You must know that the sizing varies. As a very general guide, adults with 23 inches of arms-length require full-length violin. People with smaller hands, which 22 inches, require ⅞ size. People whose arm length is ranging from 21-22 inches require 3/74 inches. Smaller children will need 1/16.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common things that you should definitely check when you are going to find an advanced violin for you. Choose a renowned violin shop Singapore with experienced professionals so you can get help from them while making a choice. This can help you to make the right investment.